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Minor In Possession Dismissed – DUI – West Bloomfield

Our client was on probation with the 47th District Court in Farmington for a drinking and driving charge. She was doing well on probation until she was charged with minor in possession of alcohol in the 48th District Court in West Bloomfield. She hired us and we were able to get a deal to dismiss the MIP charge and keep her out of jail from her probation violation in Farmington Hills.

Drinking and Driving – Farmington Hills – 47th District Court

Our client in this case has a bit of an unfortunate story with facts that can be a bit graphic. We will sum it up by saying that she had a rough up brining that lead to self-medicating through marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs at a very young age.

She had snuck some alcohol and was drinking at a friend’s house when she got some bad news. She made a bad decision to drive her car and on her way to where she was going she got into an accident. The police were called, her car was towed, and she was arrested for drinking and driving.

She was charged with multiple offenses including minor in possession of alcohol, operating while intoxicated, leaving the seen of a property damage accident, along with some civil infractions.

Her case was heard at the 47th district court in Farmington Hills before the Honorable Judge Brady. After some negotiations with the prosecuting attorney we were able to get the drinking and driving charge reduced from operating while intoxicated to a lesser offense that would save her fines exceeding a thousand dollars, points on her license, and allow her to keep her driving privileges. The other criminal charges were dismissed.

She was put on probation and did not have to do any jail time.

Minor in Possession Lawyer – West Bloomfield – 48th District Court

About nine months into our client’s probation she relapsed and made the decision to drink. She came home from school and a family member noticed that she was clearly intoxicated. The family member, being upset and not sure what to d0, took her to the police station in order to get help.

Unfortunately, the West Bloomfield Police charged her with a Minor In Possession of Alcohol. This means that while she was on probation in the 47th District Court in Farmington she now had a new charge in the West Bloomfield 48th District Court, a court known for being one of the toughest courts, if not the toughest court in Michigan.

We took a proactive approach in dealing with the Minor in Possession charge that would also benefit our client for the DUI probation violation. Our client began counseling a few days a week, attended some AA meetings, and got a sponsor.

The proactive approach went far with the West Bloomfield prosecutor. Even with the prosecutor knowing that he had a slam dunk case on a person with a criminal record and history of substance abuse we were able to get him to take the MIP under advisement. This means that the MIP will be a non-public record and the conviction will actually be dismissed so long as she does not have a violation.

Judge Barron of the 48th District Court heard the case. When we went in front of the judge we were able to get the judge to agree to allow her probation with the West Bloomfield District Court to run with the Farmington Hills District Court.

Probation Violation Farmington Hills District Court – DUI

As a result of being charged with a new crime in West Bloomfield our client’s probation officer in Farmington Hills violated her. She received an order to show cause why a warrant for her arrest should not be issued. She had to report back the Farmington Hills court and appear in front of Judge Brady again.

When we arrived to the court we met with the probation department. The probation department wanted the judge to hand down a jail sentence.

Luckily for our client we were able to get the judge to continue probation without a jail sentence. She was ordered to continue the treatment the she was proactive and enrolled in. Walking out of court with our client that day was a major success.

Michigan DUI Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria has successfully represented people all over the state of Michigan who have been charged with drinking and driving offenses. Boria attends some of the most advanced criminal defense training every year to stay on top of the law and ready for trials.

In order to insure that our clients receive the absolute best possible representation we take a limited number of cases every month. By taking a limited number of cases every month Boria is able to handle each case without pushing them off to an associate or to another attorney our client has never met. It also insures that our clients get the best possible representation.

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