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No Jail for Assault and Battery – Livonia

In this case, criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria represented his client and a co-client (or co-defendant) in a case where they were both charged with assault and battery after a scuffle in the Doc’s Sports Bar bathroom. Attorney Boria was able to get the charges knocked down to a non-assaultive offense. in addition to that, the charge will not appear on a public record, so employers, schools, etc will never know about it, nor will the clients have to tell anyone that they were ever convicted of a crime.

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Assault in Livonia

If you are charged with assault and battery in Livonia, or any other crime, then your matter will be heard at the 16th District Court. One of two judges will preside over your matter, Judge Sean Kavanagh, or Judge Kahtleen McCann. The court is located at 32765 Five Mile Rd in Livonia.

In this particular case our client was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, a 93-day offense. A conviction for any crime is never good, but an assaultive crime can leave a nasty mark on your record that can prevent you from gaining employment.

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Livonia Criminal Lawyer

In this case we were able to get the charge reduced to disturbing the peace, a non-assaultive offense. On top of that, we were able to negotiate an under advisement plea. Our clients will do 4 days on the work program and attend an anger management class. As long as they do that and stay out of trouble for 6 months then the offense will never see the light of day.

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