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No Jail For Drug Possession in Detroit

Possession of cocaine

That’s right, our client did not receive even a single day in jail in a drug possession felony case and that’s not all… This particular client was facing more than 15 years in prison as a 4th habitual offender. Even without the habitual offender notice he was still recommended to do almost a year in jail and again our client will not do a single day.

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Possession of a Controlled Substance

Police in Romulus arrested our client after he was found in his car with cocaine. His case was initially heard at the 34th District Court in Romulus and was eventually bound over to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit.

Possession of a Controlled Substance can be punishable by as little as 4 years in prison to as much as life in prison depending on how much a controlled substance is found by police.

In this particular case it was alleged by prosecution that our client had 8 small bags of cocaine with him totaling less than 25 grams, which meant the maximum possible penalty was 4 years in jail. Prior offenses made it so that he was a 4th habitual offender and was then facing 15 years. The prosecution’s best offer was for our client to plead guilty and serve county time. Ultimately, we were able to speak with the judge and obtain a Cobb’s agreement for probation – no jail!

Possession of Controlled Substance Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you have been charged with Possession of Controlled Substance contact Aaron J. Boria immediately. We fight for our clients and we get the results they need most! Call (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation!