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No Jail Drug Possession Detroit

Our client did not receive even a single day in jail for a felony cocaine drug possession.  This particular client had 8 prior felonies and 17 misdemeanors. Further, he was facing more than 15 years in prison as a 4th habitual offender. 

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Possession of a Controlled Substance

Canton Police arrested our client after he was found in his car with cocaine. His case was initially heard at the 35thDistrict Court in Plymouth. After the preliminary examination, he was bound over to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit.

All felony matters in Wayne County are bound over to the Wayne County Circuit Court after examination. Once in circuit, you can still file motions and attempt to resolve the case up to trial.

Possession of a Controlled Substance is punishable by as little as 4 years in prison to as much as life. The amount of time a person faces depends on the amount of controlled substance found.  

In this case, our client had crack cocaine with him totaling less than 25 grams. 25 grams or less of cocaine meant the maximum possible penalty was 4 years in prison. Once you exceed 25 grams of cocaine you will face more prison time. 

Prior felony offenses made out client a habitual offender. Each prior felony increase a persons potential jail time. You can receive a first, second, third, or fourth habitual offense notice. Again, fourth habitual is of course the worst. Our client, a 4th habitual offender, was facing 15 years in state prison. 

After multiple court appearances we were able to get an offer from the prosecutor dismissing all charges except the possession charge. Finally, we also obtained a sentencing agreement promising probation. Our client wasn’t even ordered to do community service. 

Possession of Controlled Substance Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you have been charged with Possession of Controlled Substance contact Aaron J. Boria immediately. Boria has handled drug charges all over the state of Michigan. 

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