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OWI – Dangerous Drugs – Canton Lawyer

Our client was charged with Possession of Dangerous Drugs and the DUI offense of Operating While Intoxicated with a BAC greater than .17when criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was done with the case the drug charge was dismissed and the DUI charge was reduced to the lowest offense possible and she didn’t have to spend a single day in jail. 

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Dangerous Drugs – Canton Lawyer

Our client was having some wine at a friend’s house out in the Canton area. As a single mother, going out is something she rarely gets to enjoy. Well, unfortunately, she had a little too much fun (or at least a little to much to drink, or a lot to much to drink) and made the poor decision to drive home.

While driving home after 2am on Canton Center Road she made a U-Turn without signaling, which caught the attention of a Canton Police Officer whom then initiated a traffic stop.

After being arrested by Canton Police, she was caught red handed with pills in her car and a breath alcohol almost three times the legal limit. Our client was charged with the criminal offense of possession of dangerous drugs. As well as the super drunk offense, OWI with a BAC of more than .17, If convicted she would have faced serious jail time, the loss of her driver license and massive fines.

Even with a mountain of evidence against her, criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and get the drug charge dismissed and the Super Drunk DUI offense reduced to the lowest offense possible so that she could keep her driver license.

OWI – Super Drunk – Drunk Driving

During the conversation with the Canton Police, the officer claimed that he could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle. Later, it was discovered that our client’s blood alcohol level was over .18. The officer asked our client if she had been drinking and at first she said no but later admitted to drinking. The video we received also indicated that our client was slurring a bit.

Our client was ordered out of the car and instead of politely declining to take the field sobriety tests (which I would recommend you politely decline them) she instead started swearing at the officer and stating, “I’m fucked, I’m fucked, I’m totally fucked”, which unfortunately is admissible as evidence against her. 

When you combine her admission to drinking, the officers claim that he could smell the alcohol, our client stumbling, slurring, and stating she is “totally fucked” the officers had probable cause to make an arrest. Ultimately her blood was drawn which confirmed the officer’s suspicions and she was almost three times the legal limit to drive.

Our client was charged with the Super Drunk Driving Offense or High BAC > .17. If convicted she would face:

  • up to 6 months in jail,
  • Over one thousand dollars in fines, costs, and probation fees,
  • 6 points added to her driving record,
  • her driver license would be suspended for an entire year. She would be eligible for a restricted license after 45 days but only with a breath alcohol ignition interlock device installed on her car which can be very expensive, not to mention embarrassing. 

Canton Lawyer – 35th District Court

As mentioned above, when we went to court we negotiated with the prosecuting attorney and we were able to obtain a deal where the drug crime would be dismissed completely saving her potential jail time on that offense, and saving her a lot of money in fines and costs.

As part of the negotiations we were also able to negotiate the Super Drunk Driving offense down to the lowest possible offense, which would save her hundreds of dollars in fines and costs. Her driving record points were reduced as well. Potential jail time was cut in half and she wouldn’t lose her driver license, so she could continue to get to work, school, medical appointments, and of course court.

The matter was heard before Judge Plakas at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, which has jurisdiction over Canton cases. When we appeared in front of Judge Plakas for sentencing he agreed to adopt a sentence where our client would not do any jail time, and would have a fairly laid back probation period considering her high blood alcohol level and possession of drugs.

Most people will be shocked to hear the results we obtained in this case due to the fact that the case was a clear loser for the defense. We fight for our clients and we get results, even in some of the worst cases, so if you have been charged with drunk driving, a drug crime, or any other crime in Canton or anywhere else in Michigan call criminal lawyer Aaron J. Boria.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

We keep preaching in our blogs the importance of hiring a knowledgable criminal defense lawyer. No matter how bad you think your case may look, or no matter how guilty you think you are it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer. This client was clearly guilty, but we were still able to negotiate a dismissal or one charge and the reduction of another which resulted in our client saving thousands, avoiding a permanent criminal drug conviction, and more.

We take a limited number of cases so that our clients get the attention they need and deserve. We do not take cases with the intention pawn them off to other lawyers. When you hire criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria you get criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. For this reason we cannot take every case that comes in the door so we screen our cases and try to make sure that we would be a great fit for your defense and you would be a great fit for our firm.

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