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Possession of Marijuana Suppressed at Northville Court

Possession of Marijuana case suppressed

Being convicted for a possession of marijuana can land you in hot water. The penalty is worse than a drinking and driving charge. A conviction for a possession charge carries up to a full year in jail and up to $1000.00 in fines. Other penalties include the suspension of your driving privileges for 6 months!

Northville Criminal Lawyer

Luckily for our client he hired criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, PLLC. We were able to suppress the conviction and create a non-public record. This created several benefits for our client. No criminal conviction is entered and our client can honestly tell schools and employers that he has never been convicted of a crime. Not even the arrest record will show up. The matter will not abstract to the secretary of state, which also means that the mandatory 6-month driving suspension will never take effect.

The matter was heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, Michigan, which has jurisdiction over Northville matters.

Violation of Probation Lawyer

What is even more amazing is that our client was already on probation for an attempted larceny offense that had also been suppressed from public record. The probation agent recommended that probation be terminated and the conviction be entered against our client and entered into public record due to the client picking up the new marijuana charge. When we saw the judge for the violation of probation hearing we were able to convince the judge to keep the record suppressed and the judge agreed.

Let’s face it; teenagers and young men tend to make bad choices. It doesn’t mean it should ruin their ability to get into a good school or to get a good job. The choices they make as a child should not haunt them for the rest of their lives. Luckily a very smart judge agrees with this thought process.

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