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Redford Lawyer – 17th District Court – Criminal Lawyer

The 17th district Court has jurisdiction over any criminal matter that occurs within the City of Redford or Redford Township. The Court is located at 15145 Beech Daly, Redford, Michigan 48239.

 17th District Court – Redford District Court

Misdemeanor matters are handled in this court from beginning to end, and felonies are handled up until the preliminary examination stage. If a felony mayor is not resolved after preliminary examination it will be sent downtown to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Are you facing criminal charges at the 17th District Court in Redford? Misdemeanors to felonies, Redford lawyer Aaron J. Boria handles it all. Boria takes on a limited number of cases to make sure our clients receive absolute best possible outcome. Attorney Boria has a reputation for winning trials, obtaining dismissals, and reductions in some of the most difficult criminal cases. Scroll down to read just a few of our notable results at the Redford District Court.

Call (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation with Aaron J. Boria and see if we are taking on new clients.

Judges at the 17th District Court

The Redford Court has two judges: Karen Khalil and Charlotte Worth

Judge Karen Khalil

The Honorable Karen Khalil has served as judge to the people of Redford for more than twenty years. Judge Khalil has been selected by the Michigan Supreme Court to serve as the court’s Chief Judge.

Judge Khalil was raised in Redford and graduated from Redford Union High School. She was Redford’s first female judge; she has earned a reputation for handing down some tough sentences.

Judge Khalil is a graduate of Albion College and the University of Detroit School of Law.

Charlotte L. Wirth

Charlotte L. Wirth was appointed to the 17th District Court in March of 1999. She is a graduate of Redford Union High School, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University Law School.

Before being a judge she was in private law practice in Redford for close to twenty years.

Special Programs at the Redford District Court

The Redford District Court does not offer a Sobriety Court.

The Redford District Court does offer a Veterans Court. The mission of the Veterans Court is to rehabilitate veterans through a specialized support and services program geared towards those who have served our country.

Mentors that are required to receive special training assist with the program. Veterans can actually contact the court that are interested in becoming mentors. The Redford Veterans Court is supervised by judge Kahlil.

The Veterans Court will accept candidates into the program from jurisdictions outside of Redford. In fact, our office successfully transferred a drinking and driving matter from Livonia over to the Redford Veterans Court.

Redford Prosecutors

Redford Township Prosecutor

If you are charged with a misdemeanor crime by the Township of Redford the prosecuting attorney against you will be Michael L. Bosnic from the law firm of Giarmaco Mulllins and Horton.
101 W. Big Beaver Rd., FL 10, Troy MI 48084
(248) 457-7026

Wayne County Prosecutor 

If you are charged with a serious misdemeanor or felony your matter will be prosecuted by the Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy.
1441 Saint Antoine St., Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 224-5777

Redford Lawyer

To speak with Aaron J. Boria call (734) 453-7806. We take great pride in our work and know how important someone’s case is to them. At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we strive to obtain results that other so called criminal lawyers simply don’t deliver.

Attorney Aaron J. Boria has been defending those accused of crimes in the Redford District Court for years. Here are just a few of our notable results in the 17th District Court.

Possession of Heroin – Dismissed

Our client was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. The scariest part was that the use of heroin resulted in the death of our client’s fiancé. Because a death resulted from the use of the heroin she could have been charged with a felony for delivery of controlled substance causing death which is punishable by life in prison.

Boria resolved the case by avoiding her ever being charged with the life offense, the possession of heroin charge was dismissed, and out client only plead to possession of paraphernalia charge. She received 9 months of probation and paid a small fine that was covered by her bond.

Reckless Driving – Dismissed

Our client, a teenager barley starting life, was saved from being branded a criminal for the rest of his life with a permanent mark on his criminal record and driving record. He was facing 93 days in jail, court fines and driver responsibility fees in the thousands, and the loss of his drivers license. The case was dismissed.

Domestic Violence – Dismissed

After being accused by his ex-girlfriend for beating her up, our client an army veteran was charged with domestic violence. He was looking at 93 days in jail, a fine, and the loss of his ability to carry a gun. We should up ready for trial and the prosecutor dismissed the case.