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Retail Fraud Felony Dismissed

Our client was charged with a 5-year felony for Organized Retail Fraud, Retail Fraud Second, and Driving While License Suspended. The result after Boria Law was hired – felony dismissed, driving on suspended license dismissed, 1 year probation for the misdemeanor retail fraud with total fines under $450.00.

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Retail Fraud Felony in Michigan

Our client was down on his luck with his back against the wall. Work wasn’t paying the bills, rent was due, and common household items like laundry soap were quickly becoming a luxury.

He made a mistake and decided to steal some items from a local grocery store. The total value of the items was a little over $200.00. When the police caught him they began interrogating him. The police tried to get him to admit to things he hadn’t done. Because the police didn’t feel he was being “cooperative”, they manipulated words and accused him of stealing the good to resell them on the black Market. They charged him with Organized Retail Fraud, a 5-year felony.

In any felony, the defendant is entitled to a preliminary examination where the prosecution has to prove by probable cause that a crime was committed and the defendant committed it.

We held the exam and poked holes in the prosecutions case. The cop was over reaching and it was obvious. After holding the exam it was clear the prosecution had a weak case. When we went back to court they were ready to do the right thing. The Wayne County Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the felony, dismiss the driving while license suspended, and agree that the client wouldn’t get any jail time.

Michigan Criminal Lawyer

Had our client been convicted of a felony he would have lost his ability to vote, lost his ability to own a gun. Getting a good job with a felony conviction is nearly impossible. 

Criminal defense is what we do. When your back is against the wall and you need help then you need to hire criminal defense lawyer Aaron J. Boria. We do everything we can for our clients to get the best possible result. Call Aaron today (734) 453-7806.