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Traffic Lawyer – Canton – Livonia – Farmington

Driving down I-275 in Michigan means bumper-to-bumper traffic, accidents, and multiple police jurisdictions competing for your business. By business, I mean trying to please their departments by issuing as many traffic tickets as possible.

Not only are traffic tickets expensive, but they also tend to increase your insurance premiums. The other big issue with tickets is that more and more basic traffic offenses are becoming crimes. A simple traffic accident can now mean that you will be subject to face jail time, massive fines, and have to report a criminal conviction.

Traffic lawyer, Aaron J. Boria takes on all of the though traffic cases and obtains fantastic results. In almost all of the cases Boria handles our clients walk away without any points going on their driving record, often no record is created at all, or even dismissal of misdemeanor traffic tickets, and dismissal of traffic tickets in general.

To speak with traffic lawyer, Aaron J. Boria call (734) 453-7806 today or email for a free consultation. For common Michigan traffic offense we defend click here

Livonia Traffic Lawyer

The Livonia police tend to hang out along their portion of I-275, which is between 8 Mile Road until about 5 Mile Road and then east on 96, or Jefferies as the locals know it. The Livonia Police are sometimes in marked cars but are often in unmarked Crown Victorias and other unmarked vehicles.

If Livonia police ticket you your matter will be heard at the 16th District Court in Livonia located on 5 Mile Road. The Livonia Court has two judges, Judge McCann and Judge Kavanagh. The city attorney, also referred to as the prosecutor, the person who is representing the police and going against you is Paul Bernier.

Canton Traffic Lawyer

Canton Police heavily patrol Michigan Avenue and are quick to make stops. Many of the stops along this roadway turn into a pretext for drunk driving checks and looking for people in possession of marijuana and other drugs. The other area Canton Police are patrolling is also along I-275 but further south than Livonia’s jurisdiction.

If you receive a ticket from Canton Police your matter will be heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth on Plymouth Road. The Canton Court (or Plymouth Court as it is more commonly referred) has three judges, Judge Plakas, Judge Gerou, and Judge Lowe. There are multiple prosecutors that represent Canton Police that could be going against you but the main one for Canton is Greg Demopoulos.

Farmington Traffic Lawyer

Farmington Police patrol I-275 from 8 Mile Road north until it splits off to M5 and I-696 East all the way until Southfield.

If you receive a ticket from Livonia Police your matter will be heard at the 47th District Court in Farmington off of Orchard Lake Road. The Farmington Court has two judges that will rule on your matter and they are Judge Parker and Judge Brady. The attorney that will be going against you on a Farmington traffic ticket is Stephen Meads.

Traffic Lawyer

There are two types of traffic tickets, civil infractions and misdemeanors.

Civil Infractions are not criminal which means you cannot face jail time if you are accused of committing a civil infraction. An example of a civil infraction is running a stop sign, failing to yield, speeding, etc. If you are found responsible of a civil infraction you will owe a fine and have points added to your driving record. If enough points are added to your driving record you could be given additional driver responsibility fees by the state, or worse, have your license suspended.

Traffic misdemeanors are serious and could land you in jail for 3 months to a year. On top of facing the possibility of jail time you will also face fines of $500 or more plus the possibility of points being added to your driving record and driver responsibility fees. Many traffic misdemeanors can restrict or even suspended your ability to drive. Common misdemeanor traffic offenses are leaving the scene of a property damage accident, drinking and driving, and driving while license suspended.

Traffic lawyer, Aaron J. Boria is often able to eliminate points, reduce or even dismiss offenses. Call (734) 453-7806 or email to speak with Attorney Boria today.