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Uttering Publishing Dismissed Allen Park

Our client was charged with Uttering and Publishing, a 14-year felony, that includes fines that can be triple the amount of money that was stolen. Uttering and Publishing is a fancy way of saying writing or cashing a bad check that you know to be bad.

The end result – felony dismissed!

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This case occurred in the 24th District Court in Allen Park. Boria regularly appears in courts all over the greater Detroit area. 

Uttering and Publishing in Allen Park

It was alleged that our client took multiple checks to multiple banks over the course of a few days. The checks were alleged that to have been written by her employer to her. The charges were issued in both the 24th District Court in Allen Park as well as the Dearborn District Court.

A different attorney is handling the matter in Dearborn. It is out understanding that the case was bound over to the Frank Murphy Felony Court after the preliminary examination was held.

Our matter was set for preliminary examination. We were able to get the matter reduced to a misdemeanor and avoid a felony conviction. We were also able to get her bond reduced to a personal bond so that she could walk out of court once Dearborn was cleared up.

Once we took advantage of the misdemeanor there was no longer a preliminary examination. For those of you wondering what a preliminary examination is, it is a probable cause hearing where the prosecution has to prove that a crime was probably committed and that the person charged with a crime is the one that probably committed it. If the burden is met then the case goes downtown to the circuit court.

No Contest Plea

In this case we plead No Contest. In a No Contest plea the defendant does not admit guilt. The purpose of the No Contest plea in this case was to avoid any potential civil liability. This way if the bank tried to come after her civilly they cannot use the plea to establish a winning case.

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