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Vicious Dog Dismissed – Allen Park

Our client was charged with a misdemeanor of Vicious Dog. The Melvindale police alleged that that our client’s dog came running outside and bit one of the officers. The dog bit the officer so hard that the officer was forced to shoot the dog off of his arm. Our client was charged after. Sadly, the dog died. Luckily for the client, he had criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria on the case. We set the matter for trial and when we showed up to court the prosecution dismissed the case.

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Criminal Charged Allen Park

In this case our client was charged under the local Melvindale statute:

Sec. 4-37. – It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to permit a vicious, fierce or dangerous dog to go unconfined and unrestrained on such person’s premises, or to run at large.

Our client was charged a criminal misdemeanor, meaning that if he were found guilty he would face jail time and hefty fines.

The matter was heard in front of Judge Courtright at the Allen Park / Melvindale 24th District Court in Allen Park, Michigan.

After filing for discovery we were never provided with proof of medical treatment for the police officer. Something you would expect if a dog latched on so hard it had to be shot off. We also set a FOIA request for department procedures in the event an officer was injured on the job. According to them no such procedure existed.

It was our client’s version of the facts that he called the police after his aunt assaulted him. When the police showed up his aunt opened the door to the house when the police arrived and the dog ran outside. When the dog ran out the client yelled for the dog to stop. The dog stopped without ever biting any of the officers and the officer shot the dog, truly a sad happening.

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