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35th District Court – Plymouth Lawyer – Possession of Drug Charges – Possession of Marijuana

Charged with possession of marijuana or some other drug in Plymouth? A conviction for a possession of marijuana charge or drug charge will result in the loss of your driving license, hefty fines, being marked as a drug using criminal for the rest of your life and could also result in losing federal aid like student loans and even land you in jail.

In almost every drug possession case we defend our client’s walk out of court without a criminal record, without going to jail, they keep their driver license, and their ability to get federal aid, even when they are guilty!

Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, has defended those accused of drug charges all over southeast Michigan and beyond. We are regularly in the local 35th district court in Plymouth on weekly basis, and regularly in the rest of Wayne County, Oakland County and beyond.

If you are charged with a crime then you need to call Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we take on a limited number of cases to make sure that our clientele receive the best representation available, the attention they need and the possible outcome. For that reason we have to screen every client that calls and make sure that we represent those that are the most deserving.

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Possession of Marijuana Charges in Plymouth

Yes, you read that correctly, even when our clients are clearly guilty we have been able to prevent them from having a criminal record, keep them out of jail, keep their driver license, and in cases of students keep their ability to have student loans through federal aid.

In every criminal case the prosecuting attorney must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In any drug possession charge the prosecutor must prove that you had possession of the drugs, that you knew it, and you weren’t legally allowed to have them.

Every criminal charge is broken down into elements. In a drug possession case of marijuana possession case these are the elements:

First, that the defendant possessed a drug.

Second, that the defendant knew that they possessed a controlled substance.

Third, that the substance was not obtained by a valid prescription given to the defendant.

Fourth, that the defendant was not otherwise authorized to possess this substance.

The penalty if convicted for a first offense possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a full year in the county jail, fine of $1,000.00 along with loss of your license and other collateral consequences like being labeled a drug criminal.

Possession of Drug Charges – Felony Drug Charge – Plymouth District Court

If you have the unfortunate experience of being charged with possession of a harder drug like cocaine, heroin, or some other drug then you are facing a felony charge. A felony charge for possession of drugs could land you in prison for four years and a fine of $25,000.00, and that’s just for a first offense with 25 grams or less.

Any time you are charged with a felony you will start in district court and the case may end up in circuit. If you are charged in the City of Plymouth or the Township of Plymouth your case will start at the 35th District Court. You will have a probable cause hearing called preliminary examination. At that exam the judge will determine if it is likely that you were the one who committed the crime. If the judge thinks you were probably in possession of drugs then your case will be sent to the circuit court. If the judge doesn’t believe the prosecutor has met their burden then the charge will be dismissed.

Possession of Drug Defense – Possession of Marijuana Defense

There are many defense to drug possession and marijuana possession charges, here are a few:

Not in actual possession meaning that the drugs were not on you so they could have been anyone’s.

Not in constructive possession. An example of this could be that they were found at your house, but maybe they were a roommate’s, or someone else left them there.

Entrapment is rarely used as a defense but this would be a situation where a police officer pressured you into a situation to carry drugs when you normally wouldn’t.

Medical marijuana defense is the newest and probably one of the most effective defenses to marijuana charges, but you have to be able to satisfy the section 4 or section 8 requirements.

Plymouth Lawyer – 35th District Court Lawyer

At the Plymouth District Court, you will appear in front of one of three judges, Judge Lowe, Judge Gerou, or Judge Lowe.

If you have been charged with a crime at the 35th District Court in Plymouth then you need to call Plymouth criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. We fight for clients and we obtain results that other lawyers simply cannot.