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35th District Court – Best Criminal Lawyer in Plymouth

Charged with a crime in Plymouth Michigan? Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria provides aggressive criminal defense for those charged with drunk driving, drug crimes, shoplifting, assault / domestic violence, and more.

At the 35th District Court in Plymouth, Boria has a reputation for fighting for his clients, obtaining fantastic results and winning. 

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What happens in the 35th District Court court? 

Boria’s clients love that he walks them through what happens in court before it happens; by doing this our clients know what will happen before it happens, which makes them less nervous and more prepared.

The procedure for a misdemeanor criminal charge at the 35th District Court is as follows:

Arraignment: This is the first time you will appear in the court and come in front of a judge or a magistrate. At arraignment you will formally be told what criminal offense you are being accused of and what the maximum possible penalty is that you are facing. The judge is not asking if you agree with it or not, just simply if you understand it or not.

The judge will also address bond at this stage. Bond is a promise to return to court and may require you to pay money to the court along with other conditions such as random alcohol or drug testing.

Pre Trial: After your arraignment you will get a date to come back to the court. The next stage is the pre trial. At the pre trial your lawyer will speak with the prosecuting attorney, that is the attorney who is trying to convict you of a crime and see what can be worked out. If the parties cannot agree on anything then the case may be set for a motion, evidentry hearing, or trial.

Motions and Evidentry Hearings: These hearings do not occur in every criminal case. They challenge legal issues like probable cause and reasonable suspicion but do not challenge facts. Facts, for the most part, can only be challenged at a trial.

Trial: There are two types of trials, a bench trial where the judge will decide the facts of the case as well as the law, or a jury trial where the jurors will decide the facts and the judge will decide the law. If you are found guilty you will proceed to sentencing, if you are found not guilty then you are free to go. Most criminal charges are resolved without trial.

Sentencing: If you lose at trial, or if your lawyer works out a plea for you where you get some kind of deal then your next hearing will be the sentencing. Sentencing can be as simple as paying a small fine, or it can be the other end of the spectrum where you have to serve jail time.

35th District Court – Plymouth Court

The 35th District Court is located at 660 Plymouth Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170. Main line (734) 459-4740

The court has jurisdiction over Canton, Plymouth City, Plymouth Township, Northville City, and Northville Township.

Within the jurisdictions mentioned above, the court handles all criminal misdemeanors from beginning to end and felonies up to their preliminary examination stage.

Who are the judges at the Plymouth Court? 

There are three judges at the 35th District Court:

Judge Michael Gerou, a graduate of Eastern Michigan and the Detroit School of Law, was elected to be judge of the 35th District Court in 2002. He runs the Sobriety Court and also supervises the court interns.

Judge Ronald Lowe, a graduate of Hillsdale College and the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, was elected to the bench in 1994. Lowe is a former City attorney for Plymouth City.

Judge James Plakas, a graduate of Central Michigan and the Detroit School of Law, was elected to the bench in 2008. Judge Plakas is a former prosecutor and also practiced some criminal defense.

Plymouth Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is your premier Plymouth Lawyer, located right in downtown Plymouth about a mile from the courthouse. Over the past few years, we have defended hundreds of clients accused of crimes, the majority of them right here at the 35th District Court.

Aaron J. Boria’s ability as the best criminal Plymouth lawyer has been tested and proven.  Criminal lawyer Aaron J. Boria has won multiple jury trials at the 35th District Court. Boria has won at least one trial in front of every judge at the 35th District Court, something few lawyers can claim.

Aaron J. Boria has been hired by police officers, court staff, nurses, doctors, and other lawyers, so when you are facing a crime hire the attorney that the professionals hire, Aaron J. Boria. 

Boria has also been successful in getting felonies reduced to misdemeanors in the 35th District Court at the preliminary examination stage saving his clients from being bound over to the Wayne County Circuit Court and being permanently marked as a felony.

Some of Boria’s proven results at the 35th District Court include:

Drunk Driving – Not Guilty

Larceny – Not Guilty

Assault – Not Guilty

Felony Possession of Heroin – Dismissed

Felony Tobacco Violation – Dismissed

Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle – Dismissed

Felony Drunk Driving – Reduced to misdemeanor and no jail 

This is a short list of many of our successes. We have obtained countless plea agreements dismissing drug crimes like possession of marijuana as well as countless reductions on drinking and driving offenses, even super drunk offenses.

We are able to obtain such great results, and provide high-end representation because we take a limited number of cases every month and make sure that each client gets the representation they deserve. We make sure that we are a great fit for our clients and they are a great fit for us.

Call (734) 453-7806 or email to discuss your case and the possibility of us providing you top-notch representation at the 35th District Court or anywhere else in Michigan.