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Another Possession of Marijuana Dismissed

Our client was visiting up north in the Upper Peninsula for a snowboarding event. While he was up there he was stopped for speeding. His car was searched and marijuana discovered under his passenger seat.

He made the right move and called marijuana defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

We were able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to have his case suppressed in exchange for a short probationary sentence. Our client will pay a fine, and preform two days of community service. The offense has already been removed from his record.

Possession of Marijuana

A conviction for possession of marijuana carries stiffer penalties then a drinking and driving offense. A first offense, possession of marijuana, carries up to a year in jail, fines and costs exceeding $1000, the loss of your driver license and more.

Possession of marijuana can also prevent you from obtaining student loans.

Another major problem with a marijuana conviction is that it is a drug crime. Drug crimes, to say the least, are frowned upon when seeking professional employment. A drug crime, including possession of marijuana, can prevent you from getting a job, and could even result in you losing a job.

In this case, our client did not lose his driving record because no conviction was ever sent to the secretary of state with the deal we made. Had we not obtained this deal, our client would have lost his license for six months.

Our client’s record, including record of his arrest, is now non-public with the deal we obtained. The legal effect is that he has never been convicted of a crime. Our client will be able to tell employers that he has no criminal history and that is the legal truth. Nothing will show up on a public background search.

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