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Canton Lawyer – Suspended License

In a recent criminal traffic matter, our client was charged with Driving While License Suspended, a misdemeanor, after Canton Police pulled him over. Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria took the case and the criminal charge was dismissed.

If you have been charged with a crime in the 35th District Court then you need to call Canton lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806 or email him directly at At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we obtain results that other lawyers simply cannot.

Traffic Ticket in Canton Michigan

The client’s matter was heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth by Judge Ronald Lowe. Our client was afraid to be convicted of a crime, because he didn’t want to have to tell future employers about it. He was here on a student visa and he was worried he would have problems with immigration also.

Our client hired Canton lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and the end result was the criminal charge of driving while license suspended was dismissed. Our client walked out of court without a criminal conviction. We also filed a motion to have his fingerprints and arrest card destroyed.

Driving While License Suspended in Canton

Our client was parked in a neighborhood at night with his car idling and his lights off. A Canton Police Officer saw the vehicle, and concerned that our client might be a would-be criminal he ran our client’s license plate, and sure enough the information told the Canton Officer that our client’s license was suspended.

The Canton officer ordered our client out of the car where he was eventually arrested, his car was towed, and our client was taken to the station where he was booked. Our client posted a bond in order to leave the station. He was given a ticket and told that he needed to report to the 35th District Court in Plymouth to answer for his heinous crime.

Driving While License Suspended is a criminal offense. If convicted you will be branded a criminal and it will permenately be marked on your criminal record and your driving record.

Our client would also be facing up to 93 days in jail, a suspension of his license for 30 days, and two points added to his license.

Canton Court

The 35th District Court handles criminal matters that occur Canton Township, which was the case was heard there. There are three judges at the 35th District Court and they are Judge Lowe, Judge Plakas, and Judge Gerou.

Our client made the right call and that was to Canton traffic lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. The first thing we did was file documents to get our client’s first court date waived so he would not have to waste his time missing school for what would likely be a waste of time.

We then gathered documents to show the prosecutor that would help with the defense of the case.

When you are charged with driving while license suspended the secretary of state has to be able to prove that they sent correspondence to your address that they are suspending your license. If the secretary of state fails to notify you then the prosecutor is going to have a very hard time proving that you were aware your license was suspended.

What was interesting in this case was that our client was driving here on a license from another state. When we pulled his driving record we did not see that a notice was ever sent. It is possible that the prosecutor could have claimed another government body, like a court, suspended his license and provided notice but this prosecutor was honest, as many are, and did not try to do that.

When Attorney Boria met with the Canton prosecuting attorney and showed them the flaws they had in their case they agreed to dismiss the criminal charge.

We went into Judge Lowe’s courtroom at the 35th District Court with a signed dismissal by the prosecutor and the Judge officially dismissed the criminal charge and sent us on our way.

Canton Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is your premier criminal defense Canton Lawyer. Boria has won multiple criminal jury trials at the 35th District Court and has actually won a trial in front of every judge at the 35th District Court, something very few lawyers can say.

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