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Criminal Lawyer Success in Westland

The Westland Police Department and Prosecutor charged our client with three crimes, and two civil infractions after he was pulled over for speeding, and failing to use a turn signal.

Once he was pulled over he was ordered out of the car and arrested for Operating with any Presence of Controlled Substance. The vehicle was searched; a bowl and some marijuana was found. Ultimately, he was cited with both civil infractions, and arrested for driving on drugs, possession of marijuana, and narcotic paraphernalia.

Westland Lawyer Success

To make matters worse, our client had a fairly significant criminal history. He had also never completed probation before. When judge’s see someone that has been unable or unwilling to complete probation in the past the chances of a jail sentence being ordered is significantly greater. The deck was stacked against our client. 

After reviewing the evidence against our client and discussing the case with the prosecutor we were able to negotiate a deal where all the civil infractions, which carried points and fines were  dismissed, saving our client hundreds of dollars.

The driving on drugs offense was reduced to the lowest driving on a substance charge we have in Michigan. On that offense alone we were able to prevent a license suspension, saved our client points, and hundreds of dollars in fines.

The marijuana charge was outright dismissed, which was important to our client because he didn’t want additional drug offenses showing up on his record. 

18th District Court in Westland, Michigan

The 18th District Court has a reputation for having tough judges and tough prosecutors. They take criminal offense seriously, especially drug charges. While the judges are tough they are willing to listen to legal arguments and allocations for lighter sentencing.

Even with our client’s history of failing to complete probation, and prior criminal offenses, we were able to convince the judge to give our client a chance rather than stick them in jail. 

Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, represents those accused of crimes at the 18th District Court on a regular basis. We appear in front of both judges and we deal with all of the prosecutors. We know how to get you the best possible result, so if you have been charged with a crime contact our office today for a free consultation. (734) 453-7806.