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Driving on Ambien – Michigan Lawyer

Ambien is an incredibly dangerous drug. The public is slowly becoming more knowledgeable of its side effects but not as quickly as this defense lawyer would like. Sleep driving is one of the very dangerous side effects. People take their medication as directed, get into their cars, drive around, and have no idea it is happening.

Some of these people are unfortunate enough to wake up in a jail cell, not knowing how they arrived there, and find out that they have been charged with driving on drugs.

If you or a loved one have been charged with driving on drugs after taking sleeping medication contact Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Driving on Drugs in Michigan

Driving on Drugs falls under the category of DUI (driving under the influence). A conviction does not state on your record that you took your medication as directed, didn’t mean to do anything wrong, but because of an unseen side effect you ended up charged with a crime. Nope, instead it simply says, “driving on drugs”.

The consequences are the same as a drinking and driving offense and include the loss of your driver license, probation, fines, points on your license, drug and alcohol education, drug and alcohol testing, and even jail for up to 93 days on a first offense.

There are defenses available and we can fight your case.

For more information about driving on drugs in Michigan click here.

Michigan Driving on Drugs Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is not a general practice lawyer or some lawyer that dabbles in criminal law; Aaron J. Boria is a criminal defense lawyer. In order to be one of the best, Boria attends advanced criminal defense and DUI training seminars to keep up on the law and know how to win.

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