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Detroit Police Officer Under Investigation Commits Suicide

A Detroit Police Department Narcotics Officer, Detective James Napier, 35 years old, of the 12th Precinct took his own life outside of his parents home in Sterling Heights yesterday morning.

Internal Affairs Investigation

Detective James Napier was recently promoted to detective and was a 14-year veteran with the force. was being investigated by the FBI and Internal Affairs for narcotics corruption at the time he committed suicide.

Police Chief James Craig disbanded the narcotics unit this past May after internal affairs discovered evidence was being mishandled.

The article issued by the Detroit News found here seems to indicate the investigation will continue and that other officers may be involved.

Lying Cops in Detroit

In 2012 Aaron J. Boria had a trial involving James Napier when he was with the narcotics unit. Our client was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Everything about the case was wrong. We did not believe the stop was legal and we did not believe that the officer’s testimony was truthful. The problem was that these officers really had their story down, there was no video, and no audio of the incident, and our client was still on probation for a prior so he wasn’t getting any sympathy.