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Domestic Violence Defense

Have you ever thought that you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Being charged with domestic violence is a grim reality for many. If found guilty you could face months in jail or even years in prison with mandatory anger management, and substance abuse counseling paid out of your pocket!

The result of a new domestic violence charge can be worse if you have a prior record of assault crimes. These prior offenses can be used against you in trial, and can even be used to make an otherwise misdemeanor case a felony.

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Traits of a Great Domestic Violence Lawyer

The Law Office of Aaron J. Boria knows how to fight unjust allegations and can provide the proper domestic violence defense you deserve. It is true, domestic violence charges can be damaging if convicted, but Aaron J. Boria knows how to defend these charges through his experience in this field of domestic violence defense.

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In many cases the prosecution does not possess physical evidence or a witness to the crime being alleged. Though you may have love for the victim, the charge being placed suggest that your relationship is “one sided”. In order for you to be guilty of such charges the jury must be convinced that you were the instigator of violence and that you had clearly committed the crime. Also, in many cases the victim has made false allegations, forcing you to succumb to the so-called victims demands.

Often, police are quick to charge one party in a domestic violence case without performing a through investigation. Even in self-defense cases it is not uncommon for police to charge the person defending themselves rather than the initial aggressor.

It is the job of the defense attorneys to tell your story, provide the jury with reasonable doubt, and make sure that the prosecution’s case is based on credible evidence and keep out the garbage allegations. If the jury is not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt then you are not guilty of domestic violence.

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Domestic violence allegations can be tough to fight without the proper assistance from a lawyer like Aaron J. Boria. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.