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Domestic Violence Dismissed Before Trial

Our client, a young woman under 30, had been charged with domestic violence in Melvindale, Michigan. Prior to trial we were able to get her case dismissed.

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Domestic Violence Dismissed Before Trial

The allegations stated that the police had been called to her home where her and he boyfriend had gotten into an argument. The boyfriend accused her of assaulting him and she was charged.

Our client had been arraigned on the charges at the 24th District Court for domestic violence. She was facing up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.00 plus costs. There was a high likely hood that if convicted she would be given jail time.

We went to the pretrial where we discussed the matter with the prosecutor. After reading the report and discussing the allegations with client we began to doubt the truth of the boyfriend’s allegations. The boyfriend also had a history of criminal allegations against him.

We requested a pretrial be held where the boyfriend would be required to show up. He failed to show on two separate occasions even after we had asked subpoenas be issued.

At the pretrial we made a motion that the case be dismissed. The prosecutor objected and tried to get another adjournment. After some arguing the judge made his ruling and dismissed the case. At that point any bond conditions were dropped and she was free to go.

If we hadn’t had the subpoenas sent to the boyfriend there wouldn’t have been grounds for a dismissal this early on. 

Domestic Violence Lawyer

It isn’t often that a judge will dismiss a domestic violence matter prior to trial. We have had a great deal of experience dealing with these types of cases and because of that experience we knew exactly how to handle the matter in order to get a dismissal, which was warranted.

A domestic violence conviction can land you in jail, cost you thousands of dollars in fines, result in months or even years on probation, and you lose your ability to carry a gun. 

If you are facing domestic violence charges hire a lawyer with experience that will fight for you, hire Aaron J. Boria. (734) 453-7806.