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Domestic Violence Lawyer Canton – 35th District Court

Charged with domestic violence in Canton? Your matter will be heard at the 35th District Court. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that knows domestic violence charges. Aaron J. Boria is your premier domestic violence defense lawyer.

Boria has won multiple domestic violence jury trials at both the misdemeanor level as well as the felony level. Many cases where his clients had an unwinnable case, Boria was still able to obtain reduced offenses or even dismissals.

If you are facing domestic violence charges at the 35th District Court from Canton Police or anywhere else in Michigan call domestic violence lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. We fight for our clients and we obtain results other lawyers simply cannot. In order to provide our clients with the absolute best representation possible we take on a limited number of cases so our clients get the attention they deserve.

Domestic Violence Charges Canton

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Canton then the burden it is on the prosecuting attorney (that’s the attorney against you, the one on the side of the cops and the person accusing you) to prove that you committed the assault.

The prosecuting attorney must prove that you put a family member, roommate, or person you had an intimate relationship with in fear of an immanent battery or actually did batter them.

In plain English, a battery means offensive touching not just hitting. The prosecutor must put forward evidence that you hit someone (or touched them in a way that they would find offensive) that you had a close relationship with or you made that person think you were going to hit him or her and you had the ability to carry out the threat of a hit.

As a domestic violence defense lawyer, it has been our experience after handling countless cases that many people who have been accused of domestic violence never actually did the act, another words many people are falsely accused of domestic violence.

With that in mind, it is on the prosecution and the police to put forward all of the evidence that a domestic violence actually occurred. Many times the police do not have pictures of any wounds or marks, they have no witness statements, and all they have is one person accusing another.

It has been our experience that many times the police will show up to a house due to a domestic dispute, talk to one person, and then make an arrest without talking to anyone else or getting both sides of the story.

People make false accusation of domestic violence all the time. It is probably most common in a volatile relationship or in a relationship that is coming to an end. Many times we see domestic violence allegations in divorce because the person making the accusation believes it will result in a more favorable divorce settlement, or in child custody proceedings because the accuser believes it will result in them having sole custody. We all see false domestic violence complaints in relationships where one person accuses their significant other in order to gain ground, control, or punish.

In the situation where the police only talk to the accuser and not both parties we often find that the person being accused was actually acting in self-defense. The accuser starts a fight and then the accused lawfully defends themselves and then later get charged with domestic violence.

You are legally allowed to defend yourself if someone is attacking you. If a jury believes that you were acting in self-defense then they must find you not guilty.

Along the lines of self-defense is the defense of others. In this situation you may see two family members fighting and so you step in to help one of them and then are later accused of domestic violence. If you stepped in to help someone who needed defending then you can assert the claim of defense of others. If a jury believes you were lawfully defending someone else then you must be found not guilty of domestic violence.

Canton Domestic Violence Lawyer

At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we don’t judge you; we are here to help you. We have our client’s backs when others turn on them.

If you are being accused of domestic violence in Canton you will quickly feel as if the system has already found you guilty. It is likely that you will be ordered by the 35th District Court not to be in possession of a firearm while the case is pending. In domestic violence cases you will often be ordered not to return to the home of the accuser, which could very well be your own home. You will also be ordered not to talk to your accuser in domestic violence cases even if you have children in common that need both of you to take care of them and plan.

Hire an aggressive domestic violence lawyer. Domestic violence lawyer Aaron J. Boria has won multiple domestic violence trials, obtained outright dismissals, and countless reductions. Put your trust in our hands and let us fight for you innocence. At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we also understand that people make mistakes. Many of these wins occurred in cases where our client’s believed they were actually guilty.

If you have been accused of crime then you need to call Canton lawyer, Aaron J. Boria right away (734) 453-7806 or email him directly at