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Our juvenile client was on probation for a possession of marijuana offense when she was charged with a new domestic violence offense. She was ordered to appear in the 35th District Court in Plymouth as well as the Wayne County Juvenile Court.

Her and her parents were terrified of what might happen to her and how it could affect the rest of her life having criminal convictions at such a young age. They called criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and the charges were dismissed. 

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Criminal Lawyer

The end result was a complete dismissal of the domestic violence charge in Wayne County Juvenile Court. The possession of marijuana charge was dismissed after it was reduced and sealed from public record  so that no one would ever know about it and our client would never have to admit that she had been convicted of a crime.

If you have been charged with a crime in Plymouth, Wayne County, or anywhere else in Michigan contact Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We represent people in the tough cases, accused of crimes, and we obtain fantastic results that other lawyers simply cannot.

Unlike many lawyers simply looking to take on as many cases as possible, Boria takes on a limited number of cases at a time to ensure that his clients get the absolute best possible representation. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation. 

Possession of Drugs in Plymouth

When we got involved with the case the client was already on probation at the 35th District Court in Plymouth for possession of marijuana. Her case was assigned to judge Gerou. The domestic violence charge downtown in Wayne County is what prompted her parents to hire  Boria Law.

When this case started, possession of marijuana was still a criminal offense (it has since become a civil infraction). We met with the Plymouth prosecutor and were able to get them to agree to give our client a second chance. Her case was put on schedule to be dismissed after 8 months as long as she completed a simple probation terms which includes not getting arrested again. On top of that, we were able to get the charge reduced from possession of marijuana to possession of paraphernalia. 

There were several reasons we wanted to obtain a reduction on the marijuana charge in addition to the dismissal. First, if she failed to complete the probation the charge wouldn’t be reported state wide. This was a way of adding some built in protection for her future. 

Second, had she been convicted of possession of marijuana her Michigan driver license would have been suspended for six months, she could have lost the ability to get financial aid and other government loans.  

None of these things happened because the possession of marijuana was reduced, sealed, and dismissed. 

Domestic Violence in Plymouth

While the Marijuana case was pending our client got into a fight with a close family member. The verbal argument lead to our client physically attacking a family member. That, combined with drug use, prompted the family to call Plymouth Police. The police showed up the family member that was assaulted gave a statement that the client had hit him. The Plymouth police arrested the client for domestic violence against a family member. She was held in jail for a few days before she was released.

The police filed the domestic violence charge with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office and it was sent downtown to the Wayne county Circuit Court for Juveniles. Again, the family made the right call and hired Aaron J. Boria Plymouth criminal lawyer.

In a domestic violence case the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an assault or battery occurred. An assault is the threat of an unwanted physical touch against another person with the ability of carrying it out. A battery is the completion of the assault. In addition to proving an assault or battery occurred the prosecution must also prove that it was against a family member, roommate, or someone you were in a dating relationship with. In this particular cast the prosecution had evidence or a battery by one family member against another, so they had a strong case.

Once we went downtown we were able to show the prosecutor that our client was having a hard time with life was much more than a delinquent teen. The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the charge. As a result, our client did not have to pay any fines or money to the court and will not have a criminal record from the incident.

Plymouth Criminal Lawyer

This case started out as an absolute mess. A teenage kid was charged with a drug crime and an assault crime that was going to be on her record for the rest of her life before she even got a chance at life.

Plymouth criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria obtained a result that would give this teenager a second chance at life. She will never have to disclose that any of this ever happened.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, whether you are a teenager or an adult, drug crime, assault, or some other criminal charge, you will need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that can obtain fantastic results.

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