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Driver License Lawyer – License Reinstatement

Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria wins another driver license back for another worthy client. His license was revoked until the year 2070. When he called our office he told us that he could not find a lawyer that knew what to do. Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria knows the law and how to get you back on the road.

The client called (734) 453-7806 and driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria got him back on the road.

Driver License Reinstatement

This was probably our hardest case to date in terms of the number of convictions, and work that needed to be done. Our client had been convicted multiple drinking and driving convictions resulting in a suspended license until the year 2070.

In order to even be eligible for a driver license appeal hearing we had to file a petition to the circuit court in order to have his revocations set aside. We appeared in circuit court and won. This meant that the Secretary of State had to honor our client’s request for a driver assessment and appeal hearing.

Driver License Appeal Hearing

We went to the hearing at the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. Within minutes we had a decision on the spot to reinstate his driving privileges.

The burden was on us to prove by clear and convincing evidence that our client was free from drugs and alcohol for at least a year and never planned on drinking or doing drugs again.

In order to secure success, we provided multiple support letters, a positive substance abuse evaluation, a clean drug screen, and other documents that supported his abstinence from alcohol.

For years he thought that he would never legally drive again, but once he hired driver license lawyer Aaron J. Boria his license reinstatement was a success.

Check out the video below to learn more about the license restoration process.

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