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Michigan Driver License Lawyer Wins Again

Michigan license lawyer

Today we received the Order from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment Appeal Division that our client’s Michigan driver license was fully reinstated. Our client’s license had been suspended for a few years, he moved down to Florida in hopes that they would give him a license and they wouldn’t until his Michigan license was cleared up. Our client made the right move, called Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and now our client can drive again.

Michigan License Reinstatement

If you have been convicted of two or more drinking and driving offenses within seven years your license is revoked; not suspended, not restricted, but revoked, which means no driving at all. In order to get your license reinstated you have to establish that you have been sober for a minimum of a year and that you have absolutely no intention to ever drink again. You have to prove these things by clear and convincing evidence and the way you do that is with evidence. Your evidence can include support letters, substance abuse evaluations, drug screens, and substance abuse counseling or groups. Once the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division Hearing Officer agrees you have met the burden then you can regain your driving privileges. For more information about the Michigan Secretary of State license reinstatement process click here.

Driver License for Non Michigan Residents

If your driver license was originally from the state of Michigan and they revoked it for drinking and driving offenses you will need to restore it through the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division before you can get a license in another state. Luckily for former residents, it is possible to apply for reinstatement without coming to Michigan. If you no longer consider yourself a Michigan resident and apply for reinstatement you will not be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car, something that the majority of Michigan residents are required to do.

Michigan Driver License Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is one the premier Michigan driver license lawyer. To date, Aaron J. Boria has won every single drive license reinstatement for every out of state client he has ever had. Our firm provides the guidance you need to win! If you really need your driver license back look know further and call (734) 453-7806.