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Drunk Driving Milford Michigan Lawyer

Our client was arrested for drunk driving on Milford Road, shortly after he left the Red Dog where he was celebrating a friend’s birthday party.

Drunk Driving Milford Michigan

At 22 years old, our client is a fairly inexperienced drinker. While he was at the birthday party he had a few beers, and a couple of shots. The shots were out of the ordinary for him and they were right before he left. At first he thought he was okay to drive but shortly after he got into his car the shots hit him and he realized he had to much to drink. He was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving by the Milford Police department.

The matter was heard at the 52-1 District Court, which has jurisdiction over Highland, Milford, Novi, South Lyon, Wixom, and Commerce.

Judge Reed, who recently beat our Judge MacKenzie, presided over the matter.

Our client was facing jail time, the loss of his drivers license, and thousands in fines.

Drunk driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to work out a deal for our client where he would keep his ability to drive, received less points on his driving record, and saved well over a thousand in fines.

52-1 District Court Lawyer

Our client’s case was strong for the prosecution, and he was clearly guilty of drunk driving. Achieving a plea to a lessor offense was still a major win in this case. Our client had to see the probation department who would make a sentencing recommendation to the judge.

The 52-1 District Court probation department made a ridiculous and primarily punitive sentencing request that included outpatient counseling, a blow and go interlock device on his car, 12 months probation, and testing three times per week. We spoke with the judge, who thankfully saw this case for what it was, and the client was given a mere 9 months of probation, something unheard of at the 52-1 District Court. The blow and go was not ordered and the testing was reduced to two times per month.

If you have been charged with a crime then you need to call Michigan drunk driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806, we fight for our client’s and we get amazing results.