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A recent client wanted to share her experience of her drunk driving arrest. Aaron J. Boria did not edit this letter in anyway, this is her recollection of the events and her experience of the arrest, and court experience. --- I will

Our client was arrested for drunk driving on Milford Road, shortly after he left the Red Dog where he was celebrating a friend’s birthday party. Drunk Driving Milford Michigan At 22 years old, our client is a fairly inexperienced drinker. While he

Facing drinking and driving charges is embarrassing, frustrating, and scary. You may feel like you can’t go to anyone for help out of fear that they will judge you. You may feel angry with yourself for not handling the situation

Being charged with a drug crime is serious. Mere cocaine possession is a felony and could land you in prison. Michigan criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has obtained amazing results when it comes to people facing drug crimes including