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Felony Drunk Driving – Not Our Client

Our client was arrested for drunk driving in Grand Rapids, Michigan after his car slid into a guardrail. His BAC was well over the legal limit. This was his 4th arrest for drunk driving and more then that for driving while license suspended.

DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to prevent the case from turning into a felony, and our client plead to a first offense. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.

Felony DUI

If our client had been found guilty of felony DUI he would have been facing a 5-year felony. On top of that, he would have been hit with a habitual second that would have increased his potential jail time.

Felony DUI carries mandatory jail time, and can also carry community service, alcohol testing and education, probation and more.

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Felony DUI Lawyer

In this case we were able to prevent our client from being charged with felony drunk driving. We discovered that either the police officer or the prosecution dropped the ball and did not file the enhancement to the felony. We went straight to court and were able to plea to the first offense. Prosecutors are allowed to increase the charge or add charges all the way up to trial and even at the trial, but if a plea is taken, like in this case, double jeopardy kicks in and the prosecutor’s hands are tied.

As a result of DUI lawyer, Boria, keeping this case a first offense our client faced a maximum of 93 days in jail for the DUI rather than 5 years prison.

Unfortunately, our client violated his bond and was charged with another offense before sentencing on this case. Even with that, and knowing his history, we were able to keep his sentence to 15 days jail, served at a later date, and with work release.

If you have been charged with drunk driving call DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.