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Felony Drunk Driving – Plymouth OWI

Our client was facing a five-year felony for third offense drunk driving. Aaron J. Boria negotiated a misdemeanor for him and he didn’t spend a single day in jail. He is even on track to get his driver license back.

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Felony DUI

Our client was arrested for drunk driving in Plymouth by the Plymouth Police department after he was stopped for speeding. He was taken in for a blood draw that revealed his blood alcohol level to be double the legal limit.

Our client had previously been convicted of two drunk driving offenses and was charged with felony OWI for his third offense in a lifetime. His car was impounded and he was facing a five-year felony. This means that in addition to facing prison time and massive fines and costs, our client was also facing being labeled a felon for the rest of his life. Being labeled a felon means the loss of his right to own a firearm, the loss of his right to vote, and even simple things like volunteering at his child’s school would no longer be a possibility. .

After months of court dates, obtaining documents, negotiating the matter with various prosecutors we were able to obtain a reduction to a misdemeanor OWI and our client did not serve a single day in jail.

Plymouth OWI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, fights for his clients and obtains results that other so-called criminal lawyers simply cannot. Unlike most lawyers who try to bring in as many cases as possible, at Boria Law, we take on a limited number of cases every month to make sure that our clients receive the absolute best possible representation. We screen our cases to make sure we are a good fit for our clients and they are a good fit for us.

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Felony Drunk Driving Plymouth

If you have been convicted of a previous drinking and driving offense and were charged with a second drinking and driving offense within seven years then you can be charged with Operating While Intoxicated Second Offense. If your second OWI charge is outside of seven years of your first offense then you can only be charged with another first offense, this is different from felony drunk driving.

Any third offense drunk driving in the state of Michigan is a felony. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by since your previous offenses, any third offense drunk driving can and will be charged as a felony in the state of Michigan. (In this case more than a decade had gone by since our client’s prior drinking and driving convictions, he was still charged with a felony.)

Felony Operating While Intoxicated is punishable by a fine of $500 to $5,000.00 plus costs, prison time of 1 year to 5 years, or a 30-day minimum jail term with at least 60 days community service, and the person’s vehicle must be forfeited or immobilized.

In a nutshell, a conviction for felony OWI in Michigan means that you will go to jail, you will owe a significant amount of money, and your vehicle will be taken from you.

Plymouth OWI Lawyer

Plymouth police stopped our client in December for speeding down Main Street. He was ultimately arrested for drunk driving and the matter was heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, which has jurisdiction over Plymouth, Northville, and Canton.

If you are charged with felony drinking and driving or any other felony criminal matter then your case will start out at a local district court up until the preliminary examination and will be bound over to the circuit court for the county where the crime occurred. In this case the matter would start out at the Plymouth District Court and would be bound over after examination to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, the Wayne County Circuit Court for criminal matters.

We had some solid facts in our case that helped us. Our client was stopped for speeding rather than an accident or hurting someone. It had also been over a decade since his previous offense. Using these facts and putting pressure on the prosecuting attorney we were ultimately able to get them to offer a reduced offense to misdemeanor drinking and driving. This would mean that our client would not be a felon and the matter would stay in the 35th District Court.

We were also able to get the 35th District Court judge not to give our client any upfront jail time. The prosecuting attorney wanted 60 days jail and then 2 years of probation, but instead our client did not do a single day of jail.

Vehicle Forfeiture – OWI Lawyer

With this arrest being our client’s third for drinking and driving the police impounded his car. It sat in an impound lot for months while the prosecutor waited to approve the charges. In the meantime our client was being charged for his car to sit there. After calling the prosecutor’s office numerous times they agreed to release the car but the impound lot wanted over $1,200.00. We were able to negotiate the fee down to almost one third of that price to save our client money and get him his car back.

Plymouth Lawyer

If you have been charged with your first drinking and driving in Plymouth or you are facing felony OWI then you need to contact Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We fight for our clients and we obtain results that others simply cannot. Call (734) 453-7806 or email for a free consultation and see if your case is a good fit for our firm.