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Lawyer for Secretary of State License Wins Again

Our client plead guilty to their second offense drunk driving at the 52-1 District Court in Novi. Their license was revoked but they ultimately earned an interlock device through the sobriety court program. Boria Law was hired to restore full driving privileges and have the interlock device removed and we accomplished just that. 

If you earned a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device through the sobriety court program and want to regain full driving privileges without any more restrictions call driver license restoration lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today (734) 453-7806. 

Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria is so successful at restoring driver licenses that we guarantee that if we take your cases we will win your hearing and if we don’t we will redo the hearing when you are next eligible at no additional legal fee.* 

Sobriety Court License and Secretary of State

Not all sobriety courts are approved by the Michigan Secretary of State. The sobriety courts that are approved, such as the one at the 52-1 District Court, can be a great option for someone facing a second drinking and driving offense without a strong defense. Entering into sobriety court can save you mandatory jail time in most situations, and what a lot of people like about the program is that it puts you in a position to obtain restricted driving privileges rather than complete revocation of all driving privileges.

Unlike a suspended license that gets reinstated after a period of time, anytime you plead guilty to a second offense drunk driving within seven years your license is forever revoked. One exception to this rule is the sobriety court program. If you enter the sobriety court program you can earn a restricted license with an interlock device. 

Once you complete sobriety court you can continue to drive on the device but if you want it off you have to attend a Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) hearing. If you attend the hearing and are successful the interlock device will be removed and any restrictions lifted. 

Michigan Secretary of State License Hearing

At the DAAD driver license hearing you must prove by clear and convincing evidence that your alcohol problem is under control and will remain under control. In order to meet this burden you must provide evidence that you have not drank alcohol for at least a year and that you will not drink again. The Final Interlock Report is a key piece of evidence you must provide to be successful at the DAAD hearing. 

In this particular case, our client had to interlock violations that we had to deal with. One occurred when he changed the device from one car to another and was incorrectly reported as a failure. The other violation occurred with a dirty blow early in the morning but quickly reported a clean blow moments later. In that case, our client was lucky to have a BAIID equipped with a camera proving a second person didn’t blow in the device for him.

At a hearing, the DAAD hearing officer can grant a license, deny a full license and keep a person on restricted, or even revoke the restricted license. Most hearing officers will take the matter under advisement, which usually results in weeks, or even months, for a decision. The end result in this case was a full license granted on the spot, something that rarely happens.

Secretary of State Driver License Lawyer

If you are hoping to regain your driving privileges in Michigan you need an experienced driver license lawyer. You need Aaron J. Boria. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.

*Conditions apply with the license restoration guarantee and will be discussed during consultation.