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Michigan Driver License Lawyer – Driver License Restoration success

This past week we obtained a full license reinstatement for a client of ours whose Michigan driver license was previously revoked for multiple drinking and driving convictions.

Our client’s license had been revoked for two drinking and driving offenses within a seven-year period, but that wasn’t all, after that he was convicted for three more DUI’s and a possession of marijuana.

Last year he hired us to start working on his case. We were successful then in getting him restricted driving privileges. For the past year he was able to drive as long as he was in a car with a Breath Alcohol Ignition interlock Device. In that time he got a job and improved his life immensely.

This past week we went to the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division for a hearing armed with the required proofs of sobriety including the report from the interlock device (the blow and go).

The hearing officer agreed that we met our burden and our client’s Michigan driver license was reinstated. He now has the freedom to drive and is no longer under the tight grip of the secretary of state.

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How to get your driver license back after drinking and driving

It is your burden at the hearing to demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that you do not drink alcohol or use drugs now and have not drank alcohol or used drugs for a minimum of a year, and will never drink or do drugs again. The legal definition of clear and convincing and evidence is more likely then not, so more likely then not that you aren’t drinking, haven’t drank, and aren’t going to drink or use drugs ever again.

How do you meet this clear and convincing evidence burden? You can meet this burden by providing letters of support attesting to your sobriety, substance abuse documentation, the testimony of yourself and witnesses if you choose.

If you lose your hearing then you will have to wait a full year before you can apply for another hearing, so do it right the first time and get a knowledgeable and experienced Michigan driver license lawyer.

It important to make sure that your support letters have relevant information in them. Letters that talk about how good of a person you are and how tough life is without a license are not going to get you a license but instead a letter of denial.

You will also need a favorable substance abuse evaluation with a drug screen.

It is incredibly important to discuss the hearing with your lawyer so you don’t wander into the hearing blind.

The hearing is held at a secretary of state branch office. The DAAD hearing is very similar to a bench trial but the hearing officer is both the judge and prosecuting attorney.

Michigan Driver License Lawyer

If you’re license has been revoked from multiple drinking and driving offenses and you want it back then you need the best driver license lawyer available, you need Michigan driver license lawyer Aaron J. Boria.

We know the law, we know the hearing officers, we know what you should expect and how to prepare, and most of all we know how to get you your driver license back.

Call Aaron J. Boria today at (734) 453-7806. We fight for our clients and we get results. We take on a limited number of cases at a time to make sure that our client’s matters get the attention they deserve. To see if we are taking on new cases call us today.