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How do I get my license back after a drinking and driving? Our client’s license was revoked after having two drinking and driving offenses. Before he got his license restored he was arrested for a third drinking and driving offense. He

Our client, a student at a popular college on the Westside of the state, had gotten arrested for two drinking and driving offenses. He had also been arrested and convicted of three minor in possession of alcohol offenses. To make matters

If you have been convicted for at least two drinking and driving offenses in seven years the Secretary of State will classify you as a habitual offender and automatically revoke your license. In order to get your driver license reinstated after

This past week we obtained a full license reinstatement for a client of ours whose Michigan driver license was previously revoked for multiple drinking and driving convictions. Our client’s license had been revoked for two drinking and driving offenses within a

In this case our client had two drinking and driving conviction and multiple possession of drugs convictions. Michigan Secretary of State revoked her license and she had not driven in years. Finally, she called driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria

Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria strikes again. This time our client was granted a full license on the spot from the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeals Division. Originally our client’s appeal for a driver license was

Clients often call me and ask me, what happens if I refuse a breathalyzer? If you refuse a breathalyzer after you have been arrested for suspicion for drinking and driving then you will lose your license for a year. There is

If you were arrested for drinking and driving the law says that you must take a breath test. The law says that if you refuse that breath test then you will lose your driving privileges for a year. That’s right,