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DUI Plymouth Northville Canton Michigan – Drunk Driving 35th District Court

The biggest bar night of the year is the night before Thanksgiving. Friends and family came in from out of town. It’s a fun time of year and the drinks were flowing. The bars in Plymouth, Northville, and Canton were packed. Unfortunately, the police were out and they will were working overtime to make as many drunk driving arrests as possible.

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving call DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria at (734) 453-7806. We don’t judge you for being over served or having one to many, we stand by your side and we fight for you.

Drunk Driving 35th District Court

If you are arrested for drunk driving at in Plymouth, Canton, or Northville your matter will be heard at the 35th District Court. Judge Gerou, Judge Plakas, or Judge Lowe will preside over your matter.

Your first court date will be an arraignment where you will be formally told what you are charged with and what the maximum penalty will be.

Drunk Driving is charged as OWI or Operating While Intoxicated (this can be by drugs or alcohol), High BAC also referred to as the Super Drunk offense, or a felony if someone was badly injured, killed, or for a third offense drunk driving in a persons life time.

The maximum penalty for OWI is up to 93 days in jail plus fines and costs. The maximum penalty for High BAC Super Drunk is up to 6 months in jail plus fines and costs. Felony drunk driving carries mandatory jail time but can result in years in prison.

After the 35th District Court judges arraign you your next hearing will be a pre trial where your attorney will discuss a dismissal or reduction with the prosecuting attorney depending on the facts of your case. If the case is dismissed then you leave the court and the court no longer has jurisdiction over you. If you get a reduction then you would have a sentencing hearing. Finally, if an agreement cannot be reached then you have a trial.

DUI Lawyer Plymouth, Canton, Northville

There are many ways to challenge drunk driving. Even if you believe you are guilty it is possible to get a dismissal if the police did not properly stop you, did not properly arrest you, or did not properly obtain evidence of drugs or alcohol in your system. Some people would refer to it as getting off on a technicality, but it is the punishment the government receives for illegally violating your rights, in order to protect the rest of the citizens.

DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has obtained dismissals in both drugged driving, and drunk driving. DUI lawyer Boria has even obtained dismissals on felony drunk driving charges, and has won drinking and driving trials.

Boria regularly appears in the 35th District Court and has won multiple trials in the court and has actually won in front of Judge Gerou, Judge Plakas, and Judge Lowe, that is every single judge there.

If you have been charged with dunk driving then you need to call DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.