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Prosecutor Charged With Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Chief Assistants Wayne County Prosecutor, Robert Stevens, 50, has been arrested and charged with domestic violence in Macomb County. His wife made a 911 call to police this past weekend. In her 911 call she claimed that he pushed her on the ground of the garage floor after he ripped the phone from her. She also accused him of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She also mentioned that Stevens has a CCW and owns a gun but was unclear if the gun was involved in the alleged assault. Finally, she alleged that he grabbed her arms and hit her multiple times.

Stevens was released on a one thousand dollar personal bond. A personal bond means that he doesn’t have to post any money but if he fails to show up to court he will owe that money. The next court date is September 25,2014.

A spokes person from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office issued a statement that they are aware of the allegations and that Stevens has been suspended without pay.

Domestic Violence in Michigan

Like all criminal charges, Robert Stevens is innocent until proven guilty. Based on the 911 call alone there are some red flags that could suggest his wife was embellishing. For instance, there could have been a malicious motivation to mention the CCW and gun if it wasn’t involved. She also mention he was a prosecutor, which has nothing to do with her being attacked.

Stevens could be facing anything from a 93-day misdemeanor to a felony that could carry years in prison depending on the allegations and evidence of the case. He could even face a felony firearm charge that carries a mandatory two years in prison if the gun was present during the assault.

Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer

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