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Refused a Breathalyzer? Get your Driver license back!

Licensed suspended for refusing to blow? Driver License lawyer, Aaron J. Boria,  can get you back on the road! Call (734) 453-7806

If you were arrested for drinking and driving the law says that you must take a chemical test. A chemical test is usually a breath test, it can also be a blood test, as well as a urine test but the urine test is very rare. The type of test you are asked to take is up to the police officer.  

The law says that if you refuse chemical test then you will lose your driving privileges for a year. That’s right, no driving whatsoever for an entire year. You cannot drive to work, you cannot drive to school, you cannot drive to court, and you cannot drive to the doctors. The law does not care if you could lose everything.

There is hope, you need to call Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria to get your driving privileges back (734) 453-7806.

There are two solutions. We can challenge the refusal on the grounds that you either did not refuse or that your refusal was proper under the circumstances.

The other way to get your license back is by a driver license hardship appeal to the circuit court discussed in more detail below.

Hardship Driver License

A hardship driver license allows you to drive to work and work related activities, school and school related activities, court and locations needed to comply with court orders such as probation, as well as medical and medical related treatment. Essentially, a hardship license switches your suspended license to a restricted license. One of the beautiful things about a hardship license is that it can be granted even if your refusal was improper.

The requirement to get a hardship license is that this is your first refusal, and that if you are not granted a license you will suffer a hardship.

In order to meet this standard we file a petition in the circuit court in the county where the refusal occured. Along with the petition we attach supporting documents to help convince a judge that you are worthy of leniency. 

Driver License Lawyer

To date, Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has successfully won every hardship license for his clients. If you need to get back on the road then you already know that you need to call – Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.