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Super Drunk Dismissed in Livonia

Facing a drunk driving charge? Think you’re guilty and there is no hope? Read about the case below and then call Boria Law – Criminal Defense Attorney (734) 453-7806

Our client was charged with two criminal misdemeanors and one civil infraction, as follows: One count of refusing a breath test, one count of Operating While Intoxicated, and one count of Operating With High BAC Greater than .17. He was stopped for speeding after he was clocked going over 70 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone near Farmington Road. He failed field sobriety tests and was charged after he blew a .18 blood alcohol level on the DataMaster, more than double the legal limit.

When we were done with the case he plead to one count of impaired driving and all other charges were dismissed. 

Drinking and Driving in Livonia

Our client did the right thing and called our office (734) 453-7806.

Had he gone into the 16th District Court in Livonia plead guilty as charged, he would have had to pay thousands in fines for the multiple charges, 6 points would have been added to his record, and his license would have been suspended for a year. 

Drinking and Driving Lawyer Livonia

Drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to negotiate a plea where ALL three charges were dismissed in exchange to pleading guilty to one count of operating while visibly impaired, the lowest level drinking and driving offense we have in Michigan. This saved our client thousands in fines, cut potential jail time in half, knocked off license points, and saved him his driver license.

A pretty good deal for someone with a case that could not be harder for the defense and a slam dunk for the prosecution.

Why were we able to get such a great deal? Drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has a reputation for fighting for his clients. Because of this we have gained the respect of our opponent prosecutors, so even when a case may seem like there is no hope we can usually still work miracles.

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