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Westland Lawyer – Disorderly Conduct – Criminal Defense

Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria left the 18th District Court in Westland with his client this past week after the cops attempted to charge him with a 20-year felony for terrorist activities. Later the charges were amended to two criminal misdemeanors and criminal lawyer Boria was ultimately able to get them dismissed.

If you have been charged with a crime in the City of Westland or anywhere else in the State of Michigan then you need to call criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We take pride in defending our clients who have been accused of crimes. We don’t dabble in criminal defense like some general practitioners who are also working on divorce cases, probate, etc., At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we do criminal defense.

Disorderly Conduct Westland

Our client was upset with the City of Westland. He had called the City on multiple occasions regarding the potholes on his street and that the City of Westland was doing nothing about it. According to our client every time he would call he would either get the run around or he would be met with hostility.

Our client decided that since he wasn’t getting anywhere by phone that he would go to the City of Westland and speak to the mayor.

When our client got to Westland City Hall he and the security guard got into an argument that escalated to the two of them raising their voices. The security guard wanted our client to leave and our client didn’t want to until he spoke to the mayor. The security guard alleged that our client made a threat about shooting up the building or bringing a bomb in. Our client denied ever making the statement and said that the security guard was taking part of their conversation our of context and trying to put words in his mouth that weren’t true. The Westland Police were called and so our client decided to leave the building.

Later that day our client got a knock at the door, it was the Westland Police. They came into the house and arrested our client for terrorist activities, a 20-year felony! Our client was taken into a room and interrogated by Westland Police. He was held for more than a day but ultimately released after posting bond.

The charges were sent downtown to Kim Worthy, the Wayne County Prosecutor. There was not enough evidence for the Westland Police to prove the terrorism felony charges so the police then sent a request for charges to the Westland Prosecutor.

The Westland prosecutor charged our client with disorderly conduct, a 90-day misdemeanor, and Disturbing the peace, also a 90-day misdemeanor. If convicted of these charges our client would have them on his record for the rest of his life. Our client is in college right now and a criminal conviction on his record could result in him not getting into graduate school or could also prevent him from getting certain jobs.

Criminal Defense – Westland Lawyer

The matter was heard at the 18th District Court in Westland, which has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors that occur within the city and felonies at the preliminary examination level. The judge that oversaw the case was Judge Mark A. McConnell.

Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria met with the City of Westland Prosecutor. We were able to convince the city prosecutor to see the truth, that the Westland City Hall security guard was embellishing his story. The prosecutor agreed that the charges were overblown. Both the disorderly conduct charge and the disturbing the peace charge were dismissed if our client would agree to pay a small fine that would be covered by his bond that he had posted weeks back in order to get out of jail. Our client did not have to report to probation, drug test, or anything. Our client paid a fine and left the court.

If you have been charged with a crime in the City of Westland then you need to call Westland Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. Boria takes on a limited number of cases in order to make sure that his clients get the best possible representation available. At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we believe in the constitution, the burden of proof, and that every person accused of a crime deserves a fair day in court.

Call (734) 453-7806 or email speak with criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria directly. We will evaluate your case and see if it is a right fit for our firm.