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This past week a client of ours was sentenced on a drinking and driving offence. Originally he was charged with Operating While Intoxicated but after negotiations with the prosecuting attorney the charge was dropped to an Operating While Visibly Impaired.

Chief Assistants Wayne County Prosecutor, Robert Stevens, 50, has been arrested and charged with domestic violence in Macomb County. His wife made a 911 call to police this past weekend. In her 911 call she claimed that he pushed her

The Michigan Secretary of State is in charge of issuing licenses as well as restricting, suspending, and revoking them. If you have been convicted of two or more drinking and driving offenses within 7 years then the Secretary of State

Our client was arrested by the Livonia Police Department on suspicion of drinking and driving. The officer claimed that he arrested our client because he smelt like alcohol and admitted to drinking. The client did refuse the preliminary breath test