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35TH District Court Probation– Plymouth OWI – Plymouth Lawyer

Today Plymouth Lawyer Aaron J. Boria was able to win a motion for early discharge of probation at the 35th District Court for a client who was serving a one-year term for a drinking and driving conviction.

The client was initially charged with the Super Drunk offense of Operating While Intoxicated High BAC > .17 back in October of last year that involved an accident. Back then OWI lawyer Boria was able to get the offense reduced to the lowest offense possible saving our client fines in the thousands, points on her license, and saved her from losing her driver license.

She was placed on 12 months of probation with alcohol education, alcohol testing, and community service, a sentence that given the high blood alcohol level at the time of arrest and the fact that their was an accident was a gift.

Our client went above and beyond the court ordered probation by completing more than the community service that was required. She also completed the alcohol education program timely, and never missed an alcohol test or tested positive. Her fines and costs were paid right away. As we put it in our motion this morning in front of the 35th District Court judge, she was an exemplary probationer.

Plymouth lawyer, Boria argued during the motion that the goals of the sentencing for the underlying drinking and driving offense were completed. She was punished, she was rehabilitated, she was ready to put this offense behind her and move on with her life as a proactive member of the community. Judge Gerou agreed and granted our motion for early successful discharge of probation. Our client walked out of court a free woman. Our client was discharged from probation for drinking and driving almost six months early.

Charged with drinking and driving in Plymouth? Facing a probation violation at the 35th District Court? Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria appears in the 35th District Court regularly, often times he is there several times per week. Boria knows the judges, knows the prosecutors, and knows the probation agents, this means that we can advise our clients of what the likely outcomes of a case are before they happen.

At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we take on a limited number of clients in order to make sure that the people we represent get the best representation possible with the attention that their case deserves. Call (734) 453-7806 or email to speak with Boria today regarding your case.

Plymouth OWI Lawyer – Plymouth DUI

As mentioned above, the offense charged in this case was Super Drunk High BAC > .17. Super Drunk is an offense that falls under the umbrella of drinking and driving in Michigan for cases where a person’s blood alcohol level is .17 grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters.

Super Drunk is an enhanced drinking and driving charge from the more commonly charged Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). The possible penalties for Super Drunk are significantly more steep then those for OWI. Here is a list of possible penalties for the Super Drunk High BAC offense:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Up to 2 years on probation
  • 6 points added to your driving record
  • 1 year driver license suspension (Restricted available after 45 days with a blow and go Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device
  • Fines to the Michigan Secretary of State of $1,500.00
  • Court fines of $700 plus costs
  • Up to 360 hours of community service
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Drug and alcohol education

Plymouth DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to get this offense reduced from High BAC, below Operating While Intoxicated, all the way down to the lowest offense in Michigan of Operating While Visibly Impaired. Getting an offense reduced that low with a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit with a crash is almost unheard of.

By obtaining the double reduction reduction the points that were added to our client’s driving record were reduced to 4, even though she didn’t serve a day the possible jail time was cut in half, the driver responsibility fines to the state were cut in half, the court fine was reduced by more than half, of the 360 hours of community service she was only required to do 40, and there was never a period of time that she did not have a driver license.

Plymouth Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is located less than a mile from the 35th District Court on the same street. We appear in the 35th District Court on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times per week. If you have been charged with a crime in Plymouth, Northville, or Canton your case will be heard at the 35th District Court. Plymouth lawyer, Boria has the experience needed to get you the absolute best result possible.

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