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There are several levels to assault charges. The severity of an assault charge is based on what happened during the offense, attorneys refer to this as “the facts of the case”. Felonious assault, or also referred to as assault with

Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria obtained another dismissal of an assault charge at the 35th District Court this past week. Our client, who had never been charged with a crime before found himself facing criminal charges after an argument erupted

Our client appeared in the Plymouth 35th District Court today after being charged with assault and battery. He has never faced a criminal charge previously so he was concerned about the consequences and the possibility of losing his job if

The holidays are not just the season of giving; it is also the season of domestic violence charges. As a criminal defense lawyer, I see more people charged with domestic violence this time of year than any other time. If you

Charged with assault and battery in Michigan? Depending on the facts of the case, or the allegations, you could be facing anything from a 93-day misdemeanor to a felony punishable by years in prison. Michigan assault and battery lawyer, Aaron J.