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Our client was charged with three domestic violence charges between two courts. A conviction for any would mean that he would lose his job. He called domestic violence lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and he wasn’t convicted of even one domestic

Our client was charged with domestic violence after his soon to be ex-wife told the police he had assaulted and battered her on multiple occasions. Our client had a good job with the state in a position of authority and

If you have been charged with Domestic Violence then you probably have a lot of questions like: What happens when I go to court? What is an arraignment? What are bond conditions? Should I plea Guilty or Not Guilty? What is

If you are facing felony assault charges you need an agressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately. Felonious assault is a serious offense that can lead to prison, the loss of your ability to carry a gun, vote, or even be a chaperone at

What will happens in court once you have been accused of a crime? When you are charged with a crime the first hearing at the court is called an arraignment. At the arraignment the judge will formally tell you what you

Our client over did the drinking at a few local bars in Dearborn a couple of months back. On his way home he drove off of the road and on to a part of the sidewalk on The University of

This past Friday we were able to resolve one heck of a case for our client who was initially charged with four serious criminal charges out of Canton: Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse in the 4th degree, and

Canton Police are tough on domestic violence and are quick to issue charges with little or no evidence. Frustrating, terrifying, concerning, these are just a few words that come to mind when someone is facing domestic violence charges. Being charged

In our most recent success, our client was charged with assault with a weapon, also referred to as felonious assault, and domestic violence in the Allen Park District Court. In the end we were able to get the case knocked