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Domestic Violence Acquittal

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Domestic Violence Lawyer – Not Guilty

Our client was accused of domestic violence, two counts felonious assault. After a jury trial that last several days he was acquitted of call charges.

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Domestic Violence Charges

Our recent Not Guilty jury trial verdict has gotten a lot of attention as our friends have shown a great deal of interest. This blog post is a thank you to those who have been following. Here is a little more information about the case.

Norris is a hard worker and has held a job with one of the Big Three for some time now. On the side, his hobby and part-time job is producing music. Prior to working with the Big Three he quickly flew up in the ranks of the United States Marines. In three years he made sergeant, and in seven years he made staff sergeant, something that generally takes 10-12 years to complete.

Norris’s girlfriend accused him of domestic violence when after she had attacked him in his sleep. They had been arguing earlier and he went to bed, apparently she wasn’t done aruging. A few hours later, when he was fast asleep, she grabbed him by the legs and started pulling him out of the bed. Being a soldier, his training took over and before he knew who his attacker was he reached for a knife he kept under his pillow and put it to his attacker’s throat. When he realized who the attacker was he immediately stopped. 

The girlfriend wanted to keep fighting. Norris grabbed his things and ran out of the house. As he tried to drive off she grabbed onto the passenger side of the vehicle and started running down the street refusing to let go. She tripped on herself and was ran over by the rear tires. She later blamed Norris for being run over (after changing her story several times) and he was ultimately prosecuted for it.  

Charged With Felonious Assault

Norris, who is pictured with me, came into my office, he sat down, very humble, and told me that he was accused of assault. At the time he wasn’t even sure what kind of assault he was charged with. We looked up the statutes, spoke with the court, and determined that he was in fact charged with three charges, two being felonious assault, and one being aggravated domestic violence. He was facing a maximum of 4 years in prison for each felony charge. He had an outstanding bench warrant for these charges.

Recalling a Warrant

A warrant is a legal instrument that allows police to either search a person or make an arrest. For instance, police cannot come into your home to search it unless the see illegal activity, you consent, or they have a warrant or a warrant exception (warrant exceptions exceed the scope of this article).

In this instance, a bench warrant had been issued. This is a type of arrest warrant that allow police to detain you and bring you to the court in the event that the police come in contact with you. The difference with a bench warrant and a regular arrest warrant is that police are not going to actively come looking for you; however, if they stop you for speeding, or bump into you at a park and ask for ID you could be going to jail until a judge decides what to do about your bond.

Once you retain a lawyer you can have your lawyer contact the court and schedule a time for you to bring yourself in. At that time you can request a bond. The odds of getting a personal bond when you have retained a lawyer are greater because it shows you are serious about fighting the charges against you and will show up to court.

Not Guilty Domestic Assault Verdict

After a two day trial the jury went into deliberations. The jury deliberated for roughly an hour and a half and came back with a Not Guilty verdict on all three counts.

If you have been charged with domestic violence call domestic violence lawyer, Aaron J. Boria at (734) 453-7806. 

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