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Resisting arrest is a serious criminal offense. Penalties for resisting arrest are based on the injury to the police officer. The more severe the injury the more severe the punishment. Regardless, all of the punishments of resisting arrest include a

Our client was facing one misdemeanor, three felonies, as well as two felony counts of Felony Firearm carrying mandatory prison time.  Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, was able to get the felony firearm charges dismissed and a guarantee from the judge that

The Michigan Secretary of State practically has carte blanche over our driver licenses. The driver assessment appeal Hearing Officers have gained a reputation for being stern, aggressive, and unforgiving. Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, is fighting back against the

Michigan Operating With the Presence of Drugs (OWPD) is a strict liability offense. This means that if you have any amount of a controlled substance in your system while driving a motor vehicle you are guilty of driving on drugs. There

Our client hired us after he plead guilty at the 24th District Court in Allen Park to the drinking and driving offense of Operating While Intoxicated. The client was told he should be ready to go to jail when he returned