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Former Westland Police Officer Not Guilty All Charges

DETROIT, MI – – Wayne Count Jury finds ex-Westland Officer Not Guilty of all


On January 12, 2023, a Wayne County, Michigan Jury found former Westland

Police Officer, Sebastian Iavasile not guilty on all charges.


Domestic Violence – Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

August 21, 2021, Iavasile’s now ex-girlfriend accused him of punching her

multiple times while he was driving them home from a wedding reception in

Livonia. Upon returning home to their apartment in Northville, the ex-girlfriend

alleged that Iavasile continued to punch her in the face multiple times and

strangle her several times. The allegations resulted in Iavasile being charged

with one count of misdemeanor Domestic Violence in Livonia, MI, as well as

another count of domestic violence and a felony charge of Causing Great Bodily

Harm Less than Murder by Strangulation in Northville, MI. At all times, Iavasile

maintained his innocence.


Maximum Penalty Domestic Violence – Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

Both Domestic Violence Charges  carried a maximum penalty of 93 days, whereas the Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder charge carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. 


The cases were combined from the two lower district courts and heard at the

Wayne County Circuit Court before the Honorable Judge Darnella D. Williams-


The trial lasted approximately two and a half days, with the jury deliberating for

an additional day and a half. The Jury found Iavasile Not Guilty on all counts.

Trial Lawyer Boria Wins Again

Boria attributes the Not Guilty verdict to the lack of injuries on the exgirlfriend

one would expect to find based on what she had described as a vicious,

brutal and ongoing beating. At one point the ex claimed she had been punched in the face roughly five times. She described the punched as being very hard, and used the term “decked” when explaining them. She further testified she had been warned she may suffer from a blood desires that causes easy bruising. Despite being decked by a man who had close to a hundred pounds on her, who was trained to throw a punch, she had no marks.

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