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Domestic Violence Dismissed in Chelsea

Our client was charged with two serious crimes, domestic violence and interfering with a telecommunication device. A conviction for either could have easily landed him in jail, resulted in him losing his job and hindering his ability to leave the country for work.

If you have been charged with a crime contact domestic violence lawyer, Aaron J. Boria if you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime (734) 453-7806. 

Luckily for our client he hired Boria Law and  we were able to have the interfering with a telecommunication device completely dismissed and the domestic violence matter suppressed from all public record, which means his employer will never find this man’s record. The matter was heard at the 14A-3 District Court in Chelsea, Michigan, Judge Conlin presided.

Interfering with a Telecommunication Device

MCL 750.540(5)(a) makes is a two-year felony to prevent someone from making a telephone call. The offense is most commonly charged when someone is accused of preventing another person from calling for help or calling 911.

A collateral consequence for a conviction of Interfering with a Telecommunication Device is that it is a crime of moral turpitude and will result in deportation after any jail or prison sentence is served. 

In this particular case criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was able to get the charge completely dismissed.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Assault, or more commonly, domestic violence is a misdemeanor offense but can be charged as a felony if there are prior offenses or serious injury.

MCL 750.81 states that a person who commits an assault or an assault and battery on a person they are in a relationship with, family, or live with then they can be charged with domestic violence.

In this particular case, we were able to use a special statute called referred to as MCL 769.4a, which allows a person who has been charged with domestic violence to keep the record suppressed so that the public won’t know about it. The legal effect allows someone to honestly say that they have not been convicted of a crime.

This special law is only available to first time offenders and must be approved by the prosecuting attorney. In this particular case, the Washtenaw Prosecutor’s Office was not willing to grant the special status due to the client being charged with two offenses and because of an allegation that children were in the home at the time of the offense.

Luckily for our client we were able to convince the prosecutor otherwise. After speaking with witnesses and gaining additional evidence the prosecutor agreed to change their position dismissing the telecommunications charge outright and allowing our client to have special status for the domestic violence charge.

Our client’s record is now suppressed. His employer as well as the general public will never know that the offense occurred.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have been charged with domestic violence then you need to contact criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today for a free consultation (734) 453-7806.

Aaron J. Boria has an enormous success rate in obtaining the suppression of domestic violence matters. In cases where 769.4a is available Aaron J. Boria, has always gotten it granted. In domestic violence trials Aaron has yet to lose a case. Aaron has also had many domestic violence cases dismissed outright without trial.