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Drivers License Reinstated – License Lawyer Michigan

Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria strikes again. This time our client was granted a full license on the spot from the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeals Division. Originally our client’s appeal for a driver license was denied and his license was revoked. We appealed the matter to the circuit court, the case was remanded, and we won.

If your license has been revoked for multiple drinking and driving offense then you need to call Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today (734) 453-7806.

Driver Assessment and Appeal Division

If you have been convicted of two or more drinking and driving charges within 7 years then your license will be revoked and you cannot drive until the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division has cleared you. This means that you cannot drive to the hospital, you cannot drive your kids to school, you cannot drive to work, and if you do you will be arrested for driving on a suspended license, a criminal offense that can land you in jail.

In order to regain your driving privileges you will have to prove that you have not drank or done drugs for at least a year and will not ever drink or do drugs ever again. In order to meet your burden you will have to provide letters of support, a substance abuse evaluation, a drug screen, an affidavit, and your testimony.

Driver License Lawyer – Michigan

Our success rate in driver license restoration is one of the best. So, if you are sick of bumming rides, relying on your family, and wasting money on Uber and taxis then you need to call Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.

(734) 453-7806 is the only number you need to know to get back your license to get back on the road.