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Michigan License Lawyer Wins Again

Our client’s license was revoked for two drinking and driving offenses, along with a drug possession charge and a minor in possession of alcohol charge. He had not driven a car in years and had lost all hope of ever driving again.

Luckily for him, he called Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and Boria got his license was fully reinstated (734) 453-7806

Michigan Driver License Restoration

If you have incurred two or more drinking and driving offenses within seven years then your license will be revoked indefinitely. In order to get your license back after a revocation you must request a hearing with the Michigan Secretary of State. At that hearing, you have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that you have been sober for a minimum of one year and will stay sober for the rest of your life. This means you have to prove that you don’t drink any alcohol or do any drugs at all, not a sip, nothing. 

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In this particular case, our client moved out of Michigan and was residing in Illinois. Because he was no longer living in Michigan we were able to do an Administrative Review, which basically allowed him to forego an in person hearing.

We prepared support letters, a substance abuse evaluation, drug screen, and affidavit all to prove sobriety. A few weeks after we submitted all of the proper paper work, the Michigan Secretary of State sent a letter that would change our client’s life for the better, his driver license privileges were granted with no restrictions. He was free to drive as he pleased. 

Michigan Driver License Lawyer

If your license has been revoked for two or more drinking and driving offenses, or driving on drug offenses, contact Michigan Driver License Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.

Over the years, we have reinstated countless licenses for people who were revoked. 

We also have an insanely high win rate for drivers still living in Michigan. Call Michigan Driver License Lawyer today at (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation.