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Possession of Dangerous Drugs – Canton Lawyer


An offense that we are seeing charged more regularly by the Canton Police is Possession of Dangerous Drugs. This is a local ordinance that can land you in jail for up to 93 days. Like our client below, there is hope. Canton Lawyer Aaron J. Boria defends those accused of drug crimes and obtains amazing results.

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Possession of Dangerous Drugs

The Canton Police Department is issuing more tickets for drugs under the local ordinance more so then we have seen in the past. This has been a common offense we have seen in the Westland district court for some time but not the 35th Canton District Court.

A conviction for possession of dangerous drugs in the 35th District Court is punishable by up to 93 days in jail, a fine to the court of up to $500 plus mandatory state costs, crime victim rights fund, cost of prosecution, and the cost of arrest (yes, you have to pay for being arrested). Additionally, probation is a very real possibility that can be as long as two years! Probation can include drug and alcohol testing, drug and alcohol education, community service, and more, all of which you have to pay for.

Drug Charge – 35th District Court

In our most recent case our client was charged with a DUI along with a charge for possession of dangerous drugs. She was at a friend’s house enjoying some wine (a bit too much in hindsight) and was given some prescription narcotics from her friend that she, the client, did not have a prescription for.

On her way home, Canton Police pulled her over in Canton on Michigan Avenue for bad driving. Once she was pulled over the officer could smell alcohol on her breath and noticed that she was slurring while talking with her. The officer then asked if she had been drinking and she admitted that she had been. The officer then ordered her out of the car.

Once she was out of the car she was asked to submit to field sobriety tests and she failed them. The officer then arrested her for drinking and driving. Her car was impounded. Canton police preformed a permissible inventory search of her car and found the drugs.

Our client was charged with two counts, one for the drinking and driving offense of High BAC .17 also known as Super Drunk, and the second for Possession of Dangerous Drugs. In a sense she was lucky she was charged with possession of dangerous drugs under the Canton Township Ordinance because she could have been charged with Possession of Controlled substance, a felony, under the State of Michigan Criminal code.

Her matter was heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth Michigan. The 35th District Court has jurisdiction over Plymouth, Northville, and Canton. There are three judges, Judge Gerou, Judge Lowe, and in her case, Judge Plakas.

Canton Lawyer – Drug Charge

After obtaining video of the stop and arrest, police report, and our client’s version of the facts we were ready to fight the case.

We waived the arraignment to save our client a trip to court, which also saved her from having bond conditions and went straight to the pre trial.

At the pre trial we were able to get the prosecutor to reduce the drinking and driving charge down from High BAC OWI to impaired driving. This deal we were able to get our client meant that her driver license pointe were reduced from 6 to 4,

fines reduced by over $2,000, potential jail time cut in half (but she didn’t get any) and she got to keep her driver license, which she would have lost if she had been convicted as charged.

The possession of dangerous drug charge was completely dismissed.

I wrote about this particular case because many people think they should go into court and beg the judge for mercy, this is a bad idea. In this case, our client was clearly guilty. She clearly violated the law and left no wiggle room for legal challenges or the possibility of a win at trial. Even so, we were able to save her literally thousands of dollars in fines and costs, save her driver license, and even obtain a significant reduction of one charge and a complete dismissal of another.

This was possible because her lawyer went above and beyond fighting for her in order to achieve the best possible result.

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