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Refused a Breath Test – Can I get a License?

Clients often call me and ask me, what happens if I refuse a breathalyzer? If you refuse a breathalyzer after you have been arrested for suspicion for drinking and driving then you will lose your license for a year.

There is hope! Driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria may be able to get you a hardship license, which would get you back on the road. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.

Restricted License for Refusing a Breathalyzer

In our most recent case, our client was drinking in downtown Plymouth at Sean O’Callaghan’s Irish Pub. It was getting late and she decided it was time to head home. When she pulled out of her parking space she hit another driver that was driving down the road. She refused the breath test after she was arrested and a warrant was obtained to force a blood draw. Our client’s blood alcohol level came back at .186. She was charged with the super drunk offense.

Our client recently was hired by a prestigious accounting firm and was getting ready to start her career. Without a license she would not be able to get to work and would certainly lose her job. She hired attorney Aaron J. Boria and we got her back on the road.

Michigan Driver License Lawyer

If you refused a breath test you need to call Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. To date, we have never lost a hearing for a driver license hardship appeal. If you lost your license for refusing a breath test we can probably get you back on the road.

Don’t take a risk with some lawyer that dabbles in drivers license restoration and criminal defense. Hire Michigan’s premier driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. All he does is criminal defense and getting people back on their feet from criminal offenses.

Call today for a free consultation (734) 453-7806.