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What will happens in court once you have been accused of a crime? When you are charged with a crime the first hearing at the court is called an arraignment. At the arraignment the judge will formally tell you what you

Charged with possession of marijuana or some other drug in Plymouth? A conviction for a possession of marijuana charge or drug charge will result in the loss of your driving license, hefty fines, being marked as a drug using criminal

This past week Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria obtained a solid victory for a client charged with drinking and driving out of the 35th District Court. The client was facing the Super Drunk offense of Operating While Intoxicated High BAC >

Today Plymouth Lawyer Aaron J. Boria was able to win a motion for early discharge of probation at the 35th District Court for a client who was serving a one-year term for a drinking and driving conviction. The client was initially

Plymouth lawyer, Aaron J. Boria obtained another dismissal of an assault charge at the 35th District Court this past week. Our client, who had never been charged with a crime before found himself facing criminal charges after an argument erupted