The simple answer to this question is yes you can be charged with a crime without ever being arrested. It’s even possible to be charged with a crime without ever speaking to a police officer.

Charged with a crime in Michigan

There are several ways to be charged with a crime. The most common way that comes to mind occurs when a police officer claims that he sees you commit a crime and writes you a ticket for it. Sometimes this occurs with a brief detention on the seen and you are later let go or in a case such as a DUI the officer may take you to the station for several hours and let you out later with a citation to appear in court.

The next most common way that being charged with a crime occurs is when witnesses, not police, claim to have knowledge of you committing a crime. These people then go to the police who perform an investigation. The investigation will often lead police to knocking on your door and possibly arresting you, or simply issuing a ticket.

Finally, the situation can occur where the police believe they have enough evidence to arrest you without talking to you. The police then appear in front of a judge or magistrate and request an arrest warrant be issued. Once the warrant is issued you will likely get notice in the mail if they do not come and get you. At that point you can turn yourself in, again without ever speaking to an officer.

Walking in on a Warrant

Once criminal charges have been issued against you it is a good idea to turn yourself in rather than wait for the cops to come get you or pull you over on your way to work.

Walking in on a warrant means to turn yourself into the court that has jurisdiction over you where you will be arraigned (meaning that you will be formally told what the charges are and the maximum penalty) and bond will be addressed.

Michigan Criminal Lawyer

If you have reason to believe that police are investigating you or have received notice that there is a warrant for your arrest then you need to contact a criminal lawyer immediately. Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria fights for his clients and makes the confusing process easy. (734) 453-7806