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Detroit Lawyer – Indecent Obscene Conduct – 36 District Court

Our client worked as a stripper at a popular 8 Mile Strip Club. There was a raid in the strip club VIP room and it lead to her being charged with two City of Detroit ordinance violations that could land her in jail. After years of dealing with a case being unresolved and unhappy with her current lawyer she called criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. The end result: case dismissed.

Indecent Obscene Conduct – Detroit Lawyer

Back in 2013 our client was working as a stripper at a popular 8-mile strip club that is still open an operating today. The club has a main downstairs area with a stage and seating. In the upstairs of the trip club there are small rooms referred to as the VIP where people go for lap dances.

This is going to come to a shock to many, but apparently in 2010 the Detroit City Counsel voted 6-3 to make it illegal for clubs to have VIP rooms and for patrons to have contact physical contact with strippers.

During a raid by Detroit Police (most likely a some kind of VICE squad) our client was found giving a lap dance to a customer in the upstairs VIP area, nothing more, no “extras”.

Nonetheless, this lap dance occurred in a strip club VIP room is a violation of Detroit’s Rules and Regulations; Owners, Managers, or Operators Generally ordinance, and because there was a lap dance which involved physical contact between the patron and the dancer it was a violation or Detroit’s Indecent / Obscene / Conduct ordinance.

Our client was charged with two criminal charges. One was a violation for Rules and Regulations; Owners, Managers, or Operators Generally, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500 plus costs.

The second charge was for a violation of Indecent, Obscene Conduct, another misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500 plus costs.

Detroit Lawyer – Criminal Lawyer – 36TH District Court

After our client was charged with both offenses she was put in touch with an attorney through the strip club. The case was adjourned on a few occasions and no progress was made.

Ultimately, both her and her attorney stopped going to court and a warrant was issued and her license was suspended.

Two years after the initial charges were filed she made the right decision to call criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and we filed documents to take over the case.

Our client had moved to Florida since the initial charges began, so scheduling the matter for her would not be easy. Most criminal matters take around three to four court appearances to complete a case. Our client, now living in Florida, certainly did not want to have to pay for hotels and flights to come back and forth to Detroit on that many occasions.

We had her send us a bond in the mail, which we then posted at the 36th District Court to have her warrant removed. This also meant that the license suspension for failure to appear in court was removed as well, and she could now travel to Michigan without the risk of being arrested and forced to wait in a jail cell until the Detroit Police Department got around to taking her to the court for arraignment.

Once the bond was posted, Aaron’s appearance was entered, and the warrant recalled we contacted the City of Detroit Prosecutor and worked out a fantastic plea deal ahead of time, essentially having a pre trial without forcing our client to show up. We then contacted the court to let them know it was our intention to resolve the matter in one day.

When our client flew in we showed up early for our hearing at the 36th District Court in Detroit. The plea deal was officially in writing and we put it on the record with the judge.

The plea deal was as follows: The charge of Indecent, Obscene Conduct was completely dismissed right off the bat. The violation for Detroit’s Rules and Regulations; Owners, Managers, or Operators Generally ordinance was dismissed after 6 months of non-reporting probation. The non-reporting probation required nothing more than stay out of trouble for the six months.

Our client did not have to do any community service, she did not have to attend any type of counseling or education class, and no random drug or alcohol testing, no nothing, all she had to do was not get arrested again while those 6 months passed. At the conclusion of six months the case was completely dismissed.

This means that once criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria was done our client no longer had a criminal record and could truthfully tell future employers that she’d never been convicted of a crime.

36th District Court – Detroit Lawyer – Solicitation – Prostitution

If you have been charged with a crime in Detroit then your matter will be heard at the 36th District Court located in downtown Detroit. Detroit lawyer, Aaron J. Boria represents those charged with crimes including prostitution, solicitation, as well as indecent and obscene conduct charges as in this case.

At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we pride ourselves on obtaining outstanding results for our clients. We stand up for our clients when others will not, and of course we take the absolute most discretion when representing our clients.

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